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Bounce and Sing Lesson Plans 1 to 3 yrs

Toddler Music Program - Bounce and Sing

Our toddler music program is called "Bounce and Sing" and it's ready for immediate download.  It consists of 20 Lesson Plans and four Educator's Book Excepts.  You can purchase all 20 or just one - in other words you can buy as much or as little as you want with no ongoing license fees.  Each lesson is based on ten different activities arranged in a flowing sequence so that the children are naturally guided through each learning experience. They are busy and engaged for the whole period as you lead them from one short activity to the next.

The lesson plans are great for you to train yourself because the educator’s notes tell you what musical concepts are being developed – rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, expression, style and form. They also offer guidance on what to do in a toddler music class and, most importantly, why you should do it. They suggest what you what to look for as social, physical and language development outcomes.

For those of you who read music there are simple melody scores with lyrics and guitar chords. Each individual lesson plan comes with between 16 and 30 mp3s providing you with a choice of music - a backing track to support you singing live or a sung version to help you learn the song.

What you receive:

  • written step-by-step music activities showing you exactly what to do with each song
  • two kinds of audio tracks that are easy to use
  • large-print lyric charts for 8 -10 songs for your wall or screen

As a bonus you also receive a Term Lesson Overview showing where the lesson you purchased fits in a half-semester program.  Download the free Bounce and Sing 1 Educator's Book Excerpt so you can see what kind of toddler music written guidance you get from Carol Biddiss, an expert in early childhood music.

Bouncing All Day Long

Bouncing on the Bed

bs1-pt1-weplaymusicalbumcovvocals.jpgWe Play Music bs2-pt6-myhandsandfingersalbumcovrgbvocals.jpgMy Hands and Fingers
bs1-pt2-sunmoonstaralbumcovvocals.jpgSun Moon Star bs2-pt7-letsgooutalbumcovvocals.jpgLet's Go Out
bs1-pt3-uphighintheskyalbumcovvocals.jpg Up High in the Sky bs2-pt8-inthebigbedalbumcovrgbvocals.jpgIn the Big Bed
bs1-pt4-inmyboatalbumcovvocals.jpgIn My Boat bs2-pt9-baamoooinkalbumcovvocals.jpgBaa! Moo! Oink!
bs1-pt5-hotcrossbunscovvocals.jpg Hot Cross Buns bs2-pt10-thunderwindrainalbumcovvocals.jpgThunder Wind Rain

Bouncing Up and Down

Bouncing Kangaroos

bs3-pt11-upanddownalbumcovvoc.jpgUp and Down bs4-pt16-littlegreenfrogalbumcovvoc.jpgLittle Green Frog
bs3-pt12-tomarkettomarketalbumcovvoc.jpgTo Market To  bs4-pt17-aliveoutsidealbumcovvoc.jpgAlive Outside
bs3-pt13-animalanticsalbumcovvoc.jpgAnimal Antics bs4-pt18-teddybearalbumcovvoc.jpgTeddy Bear
bs3-pt14-themarvellousmanalbumcovvoc.jpgThe Marvellous Man bs4-pt19hide-and-seekalbumcovvoc.jpgHide and Seek
bs3-pt15-rig-a-jigalbumcovvoc.jpgRig-a-jig bs4-pt20christmastreealbumcov.jpgChristmas Tree