Early Childhood Teaching Resources to Teach Your Children Music At Home

Why use our early childhood teaching resources or childhood lesson plans in your home? Because you are your child’s first teacher — nobody knows them better than you do and lesson plans can help you become your child’s best ever teacher. Our system is easy to understand no matter how much or how little you know about music. Get started today with your unique coupon code below.

Researchers keep telling us that music is not only good for children in it’s own right, it also enhances learning in many other ways. So why not use your own love of music and your child’s natural affinity for music to

  • learn about the world through song,
  • learn to control emotions through melody and expression,
  • learn to listen and predict patterns through rhythmic movement and instrument play,
  • learn how to get along with others by making music together.

If you use these early childhood teaching resources & plans to make music every day, you can watch your child develop language, coordination, self-control and when you invite your friends over to join the fun, watch their social skills flower. And the best part is—you don’t have to be an expert

What you’ll gain by using these early childhood teaching resources

Communicating Musically

Teaching your child to communicate is one of the most exciting parts of raising children. As you introduce the stimulating new ideas, their thinking skills are engaged and you can see the signs of learning

    • their face glows as they tune in to the music and suddenly realize that they can join in with actions and lyrics
    • they react with confidence and joy and want you to ‘do it again’
    • they are always excited at the start of your ‘instrument jamming time’
    • they show intense interest in picture books with children’s songs and nursery rhymes
    • they relax and settle easily as you sing them songs for ‘sleep time’

All the recorded music you need in one place

You can save yourself hours and hours of frustration searching online for children’s songs and activities that are just right for your child’s age

  • Not only do you get a recording of each song in full, you also get a backing track so you can sing it yourself and that’s important – why? Because the research says infant-directed singing is even more effective than infant-directed speech for language development
  • These recordings have been tested on hundreds of parents and they love them because they are in singable keys, (not beyond the capabilities of mere mortals who don’t have angelic voices that can soar like a pop diva)
  • You’ll remember many of these songs from your own childhood and can feel confident that you have songs to share with grandparents and other families because these early childhood teaching resources & songs are mostly the traditional songs of childhood
early childhood teaching resources

What do other At Home Educators say?

Sophie is thoroughly enjoying Musical Child. She is even starting to sing nursery rhymes which is staggering considering she can only string about 3 words together when she talks. The other day she recognized Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in a nursery rhyme book and sang the whole of the first verse on her own without any help or prompting. Many of the words weren’t perfectly pronounced but she was certainly having a go at singing every one of them.

Suzanne Grist

Parent, Goodwood, South Australia

My child is not scared to burst into song at home. It helps his pronunciation of words.


Prospect, South Australia

We sing at home in the bath. J. now turns the pages and her listening skills are improving, she can now add key words to the songs. It helps to settle her down at the end of the day.


Virginia, South Australia

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I think rhythm is important and my daughter really enjoys the equipment. The repetition of making and listening to, different sounds is very stimulating.


Brompton, South Australia

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These professional preschool music lesson plans have been made with love, tested and perfected in our own classes and private studios. Their effectiveness is also proven in early learning centers in Australia and China.

For children aged between 3 and 6 you can use our Sing and Play programs.There are four different ones covering seasons and topics of interest. Each program contains five lessons that you can repeat as often as you like. Or simply buy one Preschool Music Lesson Plan to test the water.

Babies & Toddlers

For babies and toddlers aged between 1 and 3 you can use our Bounce and Sing Programs. They are full of interesting musical activities that suit very young children, Each program has enough material to last for months and there are four different programs to choose. Or simply buy one Toddler Music Lesson Plan to test the water.

Read the product descriptions to find out what topics are covered in each program or lesson plan. Click on any product to find out more.

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