Toddler Rainforest Drum 6″


Designed for 1 Player — Age 12-36-Months

Remo designed this really small Hand Drum, 6”/ 15cm, especially for small hands.

We’ve done the testing over years and years to help you source age-appropriate real drums like this Hand Drum — ours have lasted for over a decade

✅  this small drum is easy for your child to hold, carry & play as they move around — promoting learning about timbre & rhythm through play

✅  it’s safe, simple, durable, & unlike many children’s drums, it’s built to last!

✅  engaging for hands & ears that like to explore & wonder how that high, bright drum sound is made

✅  makes a beautiful sound that is not too loud — great for groups

✅ Remo is among the best percussion brands, working alongside an early childhood music specialist

✅ When buying in bulk, get FREE delivery on orders over $100 Australia-wide (excludes remote locations— need a quote? Contact us )

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Toddler Hand Drum 6″

Featuring an appealing, brightly coloured rainforest wrap, this Remo brand small-sized Hand Drum is easy for one toddler to play. It comes with a soft-headed round mallet in rainbow stripes for added pleasure. Can also be played with the hands and fingers for creative effects.

For 1 child exploring, improvising & playing music on their own

Also suitable for one educator/therapist to play with a child

Designed for vigorous playtime and exploration — the pre-tuned drum head gives warm overtones.

Excellent choice for use at home or in a Music Classroom, an Early Learning Setting, a Therapy Room, or a Community Centre, because the child is immediately interested in getting their hands on this attractive drum in an ideal size for a small child

Gain benefits such as age-suitability and robustness by choosing instruments curated by our specialist team of Early Childhood Music Educators

Buy sets of these quality instruments now & get FREE** delivery Australia-wide on orders over $100

(**excludes remote locations)

Additional information

Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 cm


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