Music at Home Session 1


Written just for parents and designed to appeal to children from 6 months – 3 years, here are 9 songs and activities that are easy to do and inspire confidence in the very young. This Music Session Plan includes I Am a Fine Musician, a song with strong repetition just right for the age. Do what the experts do but enjoy the comforts of your own home. You can also ask friends to come and share the experience. The music activity plan is written for parents.  It’s easy to follow and comes complete with all the lyrics and all the music — mp3s and simple scores with chords. Save hours of your precious time — stop yourself from being distracted while you search the Internet for the right songs. Be prepared and be your child’s best teacher today!

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Music at Home Session 1

Here’s a wonderful way to give your young child some of the attention they crave in this play-based Music at Home Session 1. They need your loving care but they also need to move around — in fact it’s hard to keep up with them! But they learn through movement so here is a music session you can do every day for a month that is active, playful and yet full of opportunities to learn some of the things you want them to learn. For example, you can discover what language learning signs to look for in this appealing set of children’s songs. At the end, you and your child can both relax as you sing the mesmerizing lullaby – Swinging.

What you’ll gain by using Music at Home Session 1

  1. An action-packed half-hour session specifically designed for this active age where the attention-span is often quite short.
  2. A happy child who lights up like a spark when you start your music session because they know how to join with you in joyful music-making.
  3. A skillful child who can manipulate percussion instruments to a fine degree to make the sounds they want to hear and move their body in time to the music.
  4. A confident child who can soothe their own emotions by making their own music.
  5. As you and your child communicate musically every day, language development is helped along enormously by the rhythm and being able to predict what happens next in the lyrics.
  6. You feel confident because these are special activities designed by an early childhood expert.
  7. You save hours of your time looking for the right songs online where you are likely to be distracted by ads and automated playlists.

What you receive in your download — Music at Home Session 1

Instantly downloadable zip file containing one pdf and multiple mp3

  • 21 page parent booklet in pdf format ready to read on your screen or to print out. (Biddiss, Carol 2016 Music at Home Session 1, Musical Child, Semaphore South)
  • A digital music album with all the mp3s you need to learn and perform the songs. Includes all the musical recordings for 9 different song titles. You receive 20 mp3s including 9 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and 11 matching vocal tracks.
  • In the printable written booklet there are 9 different activities detailing exactly what we think you can do to do to keep your child actively engaged for the whole time. You also get background notes on why these are among the best songs and activities for this age. You get information on what to look for in how your child might develop in their language and speech. You also get all the lyrics and a simple score with chords.
  • This flexible music session plan is designed to be done every day for approximately 30 minutes for one month. You can do it in one time period or split it up over the course of the day to fit your routine. And when you know the songs you can sing them whenever you like!

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