Remo Floor Tom 10″


Designed for 1 Player 0-8+ Years Old

Remo designed this compact Floor Tom Drum especially for small hands.

Although the Floor Tom is made for children, it is strong enough for adults to use and it sounds great no matter how you play it.

We’ve done the testing over years and years to help you source age-appropriate real drums like this Floor Tom — ours have lasted for over a decade

✅  this small drum is easy for your child to roll from place to place — promoting learning about timbre and rhythm through play in locations with different acoustics —when they have finished, they can roll it into a quiet corner for safe storage

✅  It’s safe, simple, durable and when it’s on the floor it’s the perfect height for them to play

✅  engaging and safe for hands that like to explore how that high, bright drum sound is made

✅  the head is made of Remo Skyndeep®, a tough, pigment-dyed polyester that looks like skin — the shell material is warp resistant Remo Acousticon® — the wrap is washable vinyl

✅ Remo Percussion brand has been going for decades and is among the best percussion brands worldwide

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Small Floor Drum

Featuring an appealing, brightly coloured rainforest wrap, this Remo brand small-sized Tom Drum is easy to play for one baby (supervised), child and adult too. It comes with two soft-headed round mallets to encourage playing with both hands as musicians do. Can also be played with the hands or with improvised beaters — get creative!

Gain value for your money — these drums are tough enough to be part of the furniture. We’ve seen toddlers climbing and sitting on them with no disastrous consequences!

For 1 child exploring, improvising & playing music on their own

Also suitable for one educator/therapist to play with a child

Designed for vigorous playtime and exploration — the pre-tuned drum head gives warm overtones.

The drum is usually best stored on the floor within child reach but also sits on a table or flat surface. It has four built-in rubber feet allowing the sound to flow from the drum.

Excellent choice for use at home or in a Music Classroom, an Early Learning Setting, a Therapy Room, or a Community Centre, because the child is immediately interested in getting their hands on this attractive drum which is an ideal size for a small child

You gain the benefits of age-suitability + robustness when you choose instruments curated by our specialist team of Early Childhood Music Educators

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 20.5 cm


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