Website Design & SEO for Musical Child

by | Oct 25, 2016 | blog

The Musical Child Website.

As early childhood educators, we at Musical Child would just like to say thanks to Diem Digital Marketing for all their work in internet marketing from Brisbane, SEO keyword research as well as Web Design. The team put a lot of time and effort into strategies for changing our old non responsive website into a new mobile responsive website. They also analyzed the framework and onsite Search Engine Optimization just to get us started as once again we move with the times look to future technologies. The team at Diem have stayed with us, understanding our need to provide the online courses for preschool music and lesson plans that we have developed, as well as getting to know our other services. Before working with them we were struggling to create a quality framework of pages that expressed our need to deliver our curriculum to all the right people. Diem Digital Marketing have also cut our hosting account down to a fraction of the cost giving us the best web hosting reviews & prices. We went with their advice and now feel safe and secure and well pleased with our hosting decision for all of our precious preschool music lesson plans and downloads and we are definitely pleased with the price. Thanks Diem Digital Marketing.