Preschool Music Curriculum Designed for Preschoolers

At Musical Child we have been developing our Preschool Music Curriculum for over 15 years.

We have proven we are one of the best when it comes to writing a curriculum for Preschool, Pre-K, Childcare / Daycare Centers, Kindergarten, Music Studio/Academy and Playgroup.

Over time, with changes in technology, the format for our early childhood music education curriculum has changed from a full scale hard copy version, which we used to post out all over the world, to our current easily downloadable format.

Our main reference is the Australian EYLF but we refer to Framework documents from UK, US and NZ and research from everywhere.

We have gained unique insights about music curriculum for preschoolers by training educators in Australia and China.

We make continual updates and changes to our products to help all educators — parents and professional educators — get the best out of our early learning music programs.

Our promise is that we will continue to develop and evolve our preschool music curriculum processes and ideas to make your life as easy as possible.

Music Curriculum For Your Private Studio

preschool music curriculum

Private Music Teachers Package

You get a half-semester Preschool Music Program. Inside is an educator’s book containing enough lesson material for 10 or more weeks. Comes complete with all the music you need (mp3s and mini-scores with chords) — you get backing tracks AND vocal tracks. Also includes printable lyric charts for over 40 songs and music activities for preschoolers that they just love. Explore the Private Studio package…

Preschool Music Curriculum For Your Early Learning Center

early childhood music education curriculum

ELC Curriculum Package

Covers Toddler and Preschool Rooms for a year’s worth of weekly music activities for preschoolers. Includes easy-to-read educators’ books and all the necessary music so your staff can learn the songs using the mp3 vocal tracks. Then they can sing them live to the children using the backing tracks. Also includes all the lyric charts for your screens or walls. This helps the adults remember the songs and shows the parents what the children are learning. Explore the Preschool Music Curriculum package …

Preschool Music Courses For Early Childhood Educators

music curriculum for preschool

Educator’s Package

Includes 5 fully prepared Music Lesson Plans. Each one gives you easy-to-follow directions and all the music mp3s and lyric charts you need to be successful. All together there are enough music activities for preschoolers for 10-15 weeks’ worth of excellent music sessions on a variety of engaging topics. Explore the Early Child Educators Package…

Early Childhood Courses For Home Educators — Parents, Carers, Nannies

free preschool music curriculum

Music at Home Package

Use this starter pack to build your library of music resources for early childhood home-based music education. Contains 5 easy-to-follow Lesson Plans so you can be your child’s first music teacher. Comes complete with the music to 50 songs with activities perfect for babies and toddlers. Learn the songs and then sing them live to the backing tracks. Hang up the lyric charts in the nursery or the living room or conveniently screen them on your device. Investigate the starter package…