Early childhood curriculum plus music education

It’s difficult to bring together the two distinct areas of early childhood education and music education unless you have a background and training in both. Once you are established in one of these areas, it’s even more difficult to leave what you know well and concentrate on picking up the training in the other area where you may feel like a novice.

Music Curriculum Resources Training and Advice

Here at Musical Child we do have the qualifications, expertise and experience in both of these disciplines. It is our intention to help you deliver a program that combines your strengths with ours. We do this by providing you with genuine music education experiences.


5 Ways We Can Help You

  1. Get support for your pedagogy with Music and Movement Curriculum Resources
  2. Upskill In Music Education even if you are not a specialist music teacher
  3. Upskill in Early Childhood Education if you are a specialist music teacher
  4. Get expert advice about how to feature music in your centre by enhancing your existing systems and resources
  5. Get advice and resources to support your child’s learning about music at home.


Who we can help

Music Curriculum Designed for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

At Musical Child we have been developing our early childhood music education curriculum for over 18 years. We have proven through conversations with our satisfied clients, who are spread over 40 countries, that we are one of the best when it comes to writing music programs for all kinds of education facilities. Whether they be large operations such as Childcare Centres, Early Learning Centres, Music Schools, Performing Arts Academies or smaller settings such as Preschools, Daycare Centers, Kindergartens, Playgroups, or Private Music Studios, we know they appreciate our work.

Download for Immediate Access

Over the years, we have changed the format of our early childhood music education curriculum. We used to post out large, heavy kits that included books, lyric charts and CDs, to various parts of the world. Responding to technological advances, we are now able to offer our easy to manage downloads to give you affordable and immediate access.

Early Years Learning Framework

Our main reference is Belonging, Being and Becoming, the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is freely available in many languages. We also refer to framework documents from UK, US, Canada and NZ. In order to keep up to date in our trainings and new product development, we avidly read research and early childhood music education news from everywhere.

We have also gained unique insights about excellence in preschool music curriculum by training educators in Australia, China and Hong Kong. Our advantage is that Musical Child’s curriculum is sensitive to the needs of English as second, third or more language learners. It has been our experience that International and Multilingual Schools have a lot to gain when they integrate an existing music curriculum into their school curriculum because music is a specialist area that few generalist educators understand. Teachers often shy away from music. However, when given curriculum support they can achieve surprisingly wonderful things.

The evolving preschool music curriculum

Our promise to you is that we will continue to develop and evolve our preschool music curriculum philosophy, processes and resources to make your life as easy as possible. We make continual updates and changes to our products and trainings to help all educators, parents and professional educators alike, get the best out of our early learning music programs so that you can nourish the naturally occurring joy in childhood.

Would you like to find out more? Get our FREE eGuide 19 Unique Musical Activity Games for Children Aged 1-5.

Music Teacher

As a home-based Music Teacher, you may want to attract more students and increase your income. You may be thinking about providing preschool music education in your private music studio and in education centres in your local area. Because of your inexperience with early childhood curriculum and methods, you are unsure about group teaching practices and what music lessons will work for young children. Perhaps you need tried and true lesson plans to build your confidence. Find out more.

Music School Director/ Arts Academy Director

As the Director of a Music School or Performing Arts Academy, you may wish to engage with young families by offering parent and child music, drama and movement classes. Writing your own curriculum is complex, angst-inducing and time-consuming. It might take years for you to get it right and make it easy enough for your tutors to follow week after week. Because of your qualifications and background in arts, you may feel a lack in knowledge about best practices in early learning. Perhaps you need a solid reference as a starting point so you can get a program up and running without being tied down by franchising rules. See what we have to offer you.

Early Childhood Educator/ Teacher

If you are an Early Childhood Educator who is drawn to music, you know for sure that children love music. You passionately believe that music is essential for the well being of children. You want to run excellent music sessions for your babies, toddlers and preschoolers because you know that music is important to help children not only stay happy but also learn well. Because your training didn’t include much about music, you are worried that you don’t know how to write a program or run proper music activities. Perhaps you need help with something written in plain English that doesn’t assume that you can read music or understand highly technical musical terminology. Take a look here.


Early Learning Centre Director/ Manager

If you are the Director of an Early Learning Centre, Child Care Centre, Day Care, Nursery or Crèche, you want your centre to be the best in the area and make your hard work and investment worthwhile by attracting a strong client base. You may feel you want to enhance the mood and feel of your centre by improving the level of engagement all-round. However, you know that your staff lack training and confidence in music, dance and drama, and so you may feel it’s pointless to expect them to provide the kind of high quality performing arts activities so important in the development of communication skills. Perhaps having access to excellent resources and/or training on the job could help your educators. Find out more about what we can offer you.

Parent, Grandparent, Carer or Nanny

If you are a parent, grandparent carer or nanny who loves music, you’ve already noticed that your kids do too. You may be tired of the same old frenetic stuff that the media moguls pump out for children. Because you are serious about providing the best music education for your little kids, you might need some up to date ideas for music activities to use at home that your children are going to love. You know that you are your child’s most important teacher. Find out what’s going to be educationally sound and also work for you.