Keeping up enrollments – for the Music Teacher

It’s hard to keep up enrollments when you run your own music teaching business. Students graduate and move on to higher studies or leave to pursue new interests instead of honing the musical talents you’ve spent years nurturing in them.

You’re usually hidden away in your own home studio with no shop-front signage or evidence that your service exists. Without prominent premises, advertising for new music pupils can be exorbitant. One-on-one music lessons are expensive for parents and they are often wary of taking the risk that their precious child might experience a poor relationship with a music teacher.

How to attract more clients

However, if you offer affordable group music classes for toddlers and preschoolers, it’s been our experience that you will attract more clients for your advertising budget. When you run high quality music lessons for kindergarten kids you are allowing the parents to get to know you in an enjoyable group setting. Having the children learn music from you from a young age, even as babies and toddlers, helps to enhance your profile in the community and thereby increase your income. Typically, this happens within six months. As the children grow and mature they become your next instrumental students — children that you already know, understand and love.

Working from a Preschool Music Curriculum

If you have a Private Music Studio and you’ve thought about writing your own preschool curriculum, you’ll know just how many hundreds of hours of work is involved. You are probably also aware that as the global music learning and teaching environment evolves, the idea of setting up small group classes in their Private Studios appeals to so many more music teachers now. It’s especially attractive to those who have young children themselves. So you are probably noticing that small group music sessions are popping up everywhere, even in shopping malls.

However, before you jump in, ask yourself this question. ‘Do I want to run an outstanding Preschool Music Program from my Private Studio?’ To achieve an advantage here, you might want to consider world-renowned quality early learning music lessons for the children you educate. If this is the case and you wish to make your life easier and do a fantastic job, as well as increase your business, then the Musical Child approach inherent in our Early Learning through Music Curriculum is perfect for you.

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Our Guarantee

We promise that you will not only love our curriculum but you will also feel good because you’re offering a valuable community service. Music gives extraordinary learning benefits to babies, toddlers, three, four and even five year olds who are champing at the bit to go to school. And there are social and emotional gains for the parents who attend your classes. What’s more, you’ll be having a lot of fun at the same time! We know this because we’ve done it ourselves and we also know for certain that research backs up our claims. You can find out more about that in the blog.

In our product range you’ll find excellent ways to plan your own music programs. Fresh songs and great activities can be delivered to your desktop, ready for when you need them at the push of a button. Read about our 100% money back guarantee in each product description.

Here’s proof that it’s worked for other Music Teachers

Don’t just take our word for it. We received these unsolicited comments from two music teachers from different countries in Africa:

‘The other group that I started with last year absolutely flourishes and the results with your lesson plans is AMAZING.’

Retha Calitz

Music Teacher, Private Studio Practice, Luderitz, Namibia

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed using your program with my 3 – 5 year olds this past year and am looking forward to using the younger program from this year as well.  It has made the preparation for my lessons so much easier and I love the great backing tracks!’

Lauren Harper

Music Teacher, Capetown South Africa

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