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Get the proven lowdown on what constitutes a quality baby music program in 45 days with quotable research and without weird claims


Would you love to create your own Baby Music Program but don’t know where to start? Are you an early childhood educator, a music teacher or a centre director? Or a parent or grandparent, a student of music or teaching, or a musical children’s performer? Here is where you bring it all together — early childhood AND music. This is your springboard to jump into the exciting field of

Early Learning Through Music for Babies

You might already know that babies are born musical but do you know what the latest research says. Can you build on that ‘music instinct’ and open up the full range of benefits for the babies in your centre or music group?

ZERO – Music for Babies 0-13 Months is a Series of 6 Self-Paced, Evidence-Based Training Modules written to help you do just that. Train yourself to engage and delight babies in your weekly class, or train the staff in your Nursery Room. Watch the benefits unfold.

The purpose of this course is to guide you as you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to create your own culturally rich, research-based Baby Music Program.

In 6 weeks you’ll  be sharing your new knowledge with colleagues, parents and families as your Baby Music Program blossoms. Download each module to discover those evidence-based benefits for yourself.

There are 6 Topics and you don’t have to do them in order. You can choose any Module to begin e.g. Module 5 Baby Sensory Games and Songs. If you’re ready to do the whole course, get an extra built-in discount by jumping straight to the product bundle Music for Babies’ Brain Development — Baby Music Curriculum Course.

Would you like to know what’s in the modules before you commit to buying them all?

The Module called ZERO – Music for Babies is an overview with samples of what to do and it’s FREE with this coupon code:



baby sensory songs Module 5

Sensory Games and Songs — Benefits for Babies Module 5




Latest Evidence — International Researchers


✓ Australian Publication With Global Perspectives

✓ Self Paced Training To Create Your Own Program

✓ Also Includes Activity Songbooks + Music Tracks + Licenses

✓ Learn From the Comfort of Your Own Home

✓ Watch Babies Flourish As Music Lights Up Their Brain

✓ Specific Links to the EYLF

✓ Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

✓ 6 Different Topics + a Guide (Bounces; Nursery Rhymes; Musical Instruments; Dances; Baby Sensory; and Lullabies.)

✓ Purchase Individual Modules or Buy a Bundle with Extra 10% OFF

Don’t miss out on the latest ways to support new parents and bubs with music sessions!

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Each module unlocks at least one key research study and leads to many more. Get insider information on new fascinating evidence showing how different kinds of music benefit children in different ways.



Early Years Learning Framework

Modules link directly to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to cover all the bases and ensure a holistic approach. It’s always about the baby! Get the wording you need to comply with best practice.



Musical Baby

Each Module covers a different way of belonging, becoming and being a musical baby, from deep listening to moving, dancing, improvising, playing instruments and even the beginnings of singing songs at the end of their first year of life.




60 Songs and Activities +

Each module gives you 10 different songs and practical, engaging experiences that you can put into your everyday practice immediately. The complete Series gives you 60 songs and experiences and the means to create your first program — and many more, for the rest of your career.