Baby Music Programs

ZERO – Music for Babies 0-13 Months is a self-paced training unit.

Its purpose is to help you design your own Baby Music program. Each module links to a different aspect of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Learn about the fascinating research showing how different kinds of music benefit children in different ways.

Are you an early childhood educator or a music teacher? Let us help you bring it all together — early childhood education AND music education. This is your springboard to jump into the exciting field of

Early Learning through Music for Babies

We already know that babies are born musical but how can we build on that inborn competency and gain the full range of benefits for them? Download each module to discover those benefits and start planning today so you can work confidently with babies and their families in the future.


Preschool Music Lesson Plans Free MP3 & PDF Download

Zero — Music for Babies 0-13 Months

Each Module contains a fully referenced Training Paper + Songbook + MP3s downloadable Digital Album.

Click on any product to see the contents, read the main benefits and hear samples of the music. The first four modules are now available. Use our expert advice to help you get started.

Design your own Baby Music Program

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