Music For Babies’ Brain Development — Baby Music Curriculum Course

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About the Course

This is a course about the importance of music for babies’ brain development, identity, connectedness to the world of music and dance, social and emotional wellbeing, and communication. It contains all 6 Modules in the ZERO – Music for Babies Self-paced Training Series. This is a cheaper way to buy all the Modules so you can Create Your Own Baby Music Curriculum. If you’d rather buy just one Baby Music Module, go back to the Babies Music Resources [CLICK/TAP] and choose your product.

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✓ All the Hard Work of Finding Research Evidence, Best Practices, Songs and Activities Has Been Done For You

✓ Gain a Whole Library of Work in One Purchase

✓ Enough Material to Create Your Own Year-Long Program – Complete Set Of 6 Training Modules + Activity Songbooks + MP3s + Guide to Using the Course

✓ Suitable For Newborns Up To 1st Birthday – Age Ranges 0-6-Months & 6-13-Months

✓ Get a Certificate of Completion FREE. Use the email address in the course documents to apply OR

✓ Get a Certificate of Competence PAID. Use the email address in the course documents to get information about the assessment conducted during a LIVE Personal 45 Minutes Zoom meeting.

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Music For Babies’ Brain Development

Want to get the lowdown on music for babies’ brain development? When was the last time you felt like you were an intruder when you walked into a nursery room or a parent and baby group group to sing songs and one of the babies started to cry, crawl away or stare at you intently? Probably quite recently, because that’s what babies of a certain age do when something unexpected happens.

Thankfully, that’s the sort of thing that researchers want to know. The Baby Music Modules in this Course are based on research that has been carried out only recently. Once you understand the ways babies’ brains process music to develop their understanding of culture, identity, friendliness, sharing, communication and self-expression you won’t feel like an intruder — you’ll feel that what you do is highly valuable. Our intention is that you feel “important and hence fulfilled” as one of our happy customers said.

If you want to run music sessions for babies’ brain development, don’t feel out your your depth. These modules help you to link the musical experiences you offer to learning outcomes and you will not only gain confidence but also the respect of colleagues and clients.


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