Nursery Rhymes — Benefits for Babies — Module 2

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2nd module in the Unit: ZERO — Music for Babies 0-13 Months

      • TOPIC: ‘Singing nursery rhymes enhances phonetic learning in infancy.’
      • MODE: Downloadable, self-paced, research-based training for early childhood educators and music teachers who wish to write their own music programs.
      • LEVEL: For educators or teachers who already have an initial qualification in either early childhood OR music.
      • RESOURCES: Includes PDF Training Paper, Song Book and MP3 Music Tracks
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Work confidently with nursery rhyme music for babies and their families. Download Module 2 and continue your planning today.

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What you gain from this Training Module

Find out why nursery rhymes are critical to learning language. Researchers tell us that babies are listening intently to us talk and sing to them and that, at a critical stage, they are taking statistics on what they hear. When we sing nursery rhymes to them, we are enhancing their capacities in phonetic discrimination.

Find out why traditional nursery rhymes help babies discriminate the sounds of the English language, even if  they are not being brought up in an English-speaking home. What is it about nursery rhymes, and how we deliver them, that makes them so special? This training will explain at least seven benefits for babies. They actually need us to perform these songs for them, singing live and often face-to-face for their optimum language and cultural development.

What you get in your purchase

The Module contains: a Training Paper; a Songbook and 20 Music Tracks

PDF Download Document

‘Singing nursery rhymes enhances phonetic learning in infancy: Self-paced Training for Educators.’ Written by Carol Biddiss, 2020. Musical Child: Adelaide

  1. Benefits of singing and playing with nursery rhymes.
  2. Ways to use a variety of nursery rhymes to engage babies (and parents).
  3. Musical culture — where do nursery rhymes fit in?
  4. Learning through play — nursery rhymes for fun.
  5. Research about a critical period in infancy for learning the sounds of language(s).
  • References and Organisations
  • Featured Research Institutes
  • Children’s Literature Cited

Songbook:  ‘Nursery Rhymes for Babies’

MP3s Downloadable Digital Album

Containing 20 tracks including both vocal and backing track/karaoke versions of all the songs in the Songbook. Features Australian musicians. Musical arrangements are by Carol Biddiss and Janette Porteous. Singers are Michell Bown, Michael Cashen and Carol Biddiss. Published by Musical Child, Early Learning Through Music.

Listen to one of the songs from the digital downloadable album

Here’s a sample of the vocal track for Little Tommy Tittlemouse.

And here’s a sample of the backing track for Little Tommy Tittlemouse so you can sing it live to the babies:



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