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Music Lessons for Kids: Early Learning Through Music for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Juniors

On this website you can learn how to teach music to preschoolers, freely use your own creative ideas, increase your expertise in early childhood music and movement education, and find the instruments you need.

We have been proudly helping independent music teachers, early childhood educators, and music-loving parents and grand-parents create music programs and music lessons for kids. Established 2004. Clients in over 45 countries.


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Want to stop wondering how to run early childhood music classes and get back to enjoying your leisure time? Want to stop paying for expensive courses and just focus on some basic ideas to get you started? Instead of struggling with a new and complex curriculum design, or learning a method that restricts your creativity, we want you to spend your evenings and weekends playing music, inventing new dances, baking, and enjoying time with your friends.

You will save yourself hundreds of hours work and many, many dollars as you set up your world-class preschool music activities. Learn what the research says, what curriculum frameworks say, and what others have done.

Here’s what one educator says: “Having this library of work has been a godsend . . . it has really made such a difference to me.” Amy Ryan from UK

What's So Special About The Musical Child Approach?

early learning Here are 6 benefits for you and your children

1st. It’s Not a Franchise

We don’t tie you down. Musical Child offers teaching resources, programs and professional development in early learning through music for all educators, music teachers, performing artists, speech pathologists and music therapists working with babies, toddlers and children aged 3-6 years. You simply buy our resources and start using or self-studying them straight away. You can use and adapt our resources in your business or early learning centre as soon as you download them. Or if you have lots of questions, you can join one of our courses, groups, or personal Zoom sessions.

2nd. Improve Pro-social Skills

The approach has a lot of emphasis on the children improving their social skills by playing music together and learning through music and movement. But it’s much more than social skills — the children “learn musical languages and skills”*.

3rd. Help with Planning Your Own

We help you plan your own group sessions where the children are learning musical and other skills: listening and dancing to great music, moving to music, singing, playing instruments, improvising, dramatising, and engaging in creative play.

4th. Learn Curriculum Design

You will definitely increase your expertise in curriculum design and soon you will be delivering it your way and adding your preferred content. Our courses are about helping you design your very own music programs  — working with your creative energies. Start here to learn the ropes and then — take off!

5th. Get Quick Results 

Quick results — after you deliver 3 or 4 music sessions based on the Musical Child Approach, you’ll start to notice big improvements in the children’s skills and confidence as they “express themselves musically in all freedom”*, and importantly, in your own sense of fulfillment — doing what you love.

6th. Evidence-based

Deep curriculum design — it looks and is easy to implement, but underneath the hood there are thousands of hours of design work gone into finding the evidence from researchers and great practitioners, choosing appropriate songs and music, recording the songs, then planning, testing, refining and making room for the educator to shine. We want your children to “have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation and information”*.

(* Where you see the asterisk, it is a quote from the 3 music rights written specifically for children. These belong inside the 5 Music Rights proclaimed by the International Music Council (IMC) in Tokyo, 2001. The IMC was founded by UNESCO in 1949.)

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Even More Reasons to Trust Musical Child – EYLF and Beyond

1. We explicitly link to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia in all courses. We regard children as competent and capable.

2. To keep you up to date, Musical Child adopts the latest research findings and approaches from around the globe, from Helsinki to Sydney.

3. You can be sure of an international perspective because we regard access to music as one of the 5 rights of all children as proclaimed by the UNESCO commissioned International Music Council.

4. When you follow our approach you’ll discover that regular music sessions stimulate the children to play with music and express their creativity. It doesn’t matter if the child is new to the group, everyone can join in at any point.

5. Parents and educators report that children spontaneously play musically after the music sessions even if they seem shy or reserved during the session. As one parent told us: “He is not afraid to burst into song”.

Why Is Music So Important In Early Childhood Education?


There are musical benefits linked to all of the 5 Learning Outcomes in the Australian National Framework. Here are just a few —

children's self esteem can be improved with music

1. Music is key to personal, group and cultural identity

music helps children with social skills

2. It engages and connects to past and present artists and art-works globally

music lessons can help physical skills

3. It releases emotions and develops skills necessary for wellbeing

music helps cognitive function in children

4. It enhances neural networks and supports learning

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