Sing and Play 1 Educator’s Kit — Hard Copy



  • Printed Version — Limited Number of Copies Available
  • Product Also Available As Download Version
  • First in the Preschool Series from Musical Child
  • Fully Prepared 10-15 Week Program
  • Easy-to-use, Flexible Lesson Plans
  • Add Your Own Creative Input
  • Complete with Educator’s Book + 5 CDs + Lyric Charts A3 + Sturdy Satchel
  • Free delivery*

No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have!) with preschool music, simply buy and start enjoying working with this kit version of the program. Plus, you get the bonus downloadable version after your purchase! Email after you buy to get your download link and free email support advice on use.

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Sing and Play 1 Educator’s Kit — Hard Copy


Are you a busy Preschool Educator looking for inspiration?

It’s hard to keep coming up with engaging songs and tried-and-true music activities.This Sing and Play 1 Educator’s Kit — Hard Copy — has been fully prepared to give you a set of easy to use lesson plans. It comes complete with all the music you need.

Do I have to have musical training?

No matter how much experience you have with music, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to read music or play an instrument. You just have to love music and get hold of some simple percussion (remember what you played in primary school). Simply order and start using this program with your children the day after it’s delivered!

Here’s what one teacher from Taperoo, South Australia says:

“We have been using Sing and Play 1 Preschool Music Program at our kindy for several years now and would love to expand our music program using Sing and Play 2.”


What you’ll gain by using this Educator’s Kit


Happy and Responsive Preschoolers

Children aged 3-5 develop their cognitive skills by thinking about the stimulating new content you introduce. Confident children playfully solve musical problems such as making sound from all kinds of sound sources. They also love keeping up with the beat and complex rhythms; improvising and creating their own music. As time goes by they combine the skills of moving, singing and playing for their own pleasure and to enjoy music together.


✔ A Wonderful, Flexible Series of Music Sessions

We designed these session ideas to be action-packed with movement and music as the main ingredients and yet brimful of language learning opportunities. You can break-out just a 5 minute activity of combine them to make longer sessions — 10, 20 30 or even 45 minutes with a slow-down music relaxation segments or story songs with books.


A Delightful Way to Manage Developmental Assessment

Monitor your children’s physical development over 10 or more weeks. You can watch for learning as they handle the instruments, move their small muscles to the beat and move their whole body gracefully through space in time with the music.


Socially Competent Preschoolers

Through the emotional nurture provided by active music-making (e.g.learning lyrics and modulating their voices), your children will increasingly regulate their emotions. This skill is critical for self-understanding and for getting along with others. Understanding the power of music, the language of the emotions, is essential for meta-cognition or  “learning to learn.”


Enormous Benefits in Language Development

Just from listening to and learning the songs; the children become better listeners because they regularly tune in to the rhythm of the words in the new songs, learn new vocabulary and practice speech patterns.


You Feel Confident Teaching Music

You may not have been ‘trained’ in early childhood music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do it on the job. The program is well-designed by a music education expert and tested by many educators. The lessons are prepared for you so that you are able to successfully lead the children in a whole string of activities and if something does go wrong, you have other activities and lessons ready.  You will be able to engage the children in completely new fun or sensitive things to do week after week.


You Save Hundreds of Hours

Are you tired of spending your weekends and evenings on planning programs? With this kit you won’t have to figure out the learning opportunities, look up new songs, find the music, think up activities appropriate for the age, or work out a topic that brings everything together. It’s all done for you covering 10 or more weeks in the one program.


What you get in your Educator’s Kit — Hard Copy


Educator’s Book

In the sturdy polypropylene satchel ia complete Educator’s Book hard copy, spiral-back (89 pages): Sing and Play 1: Singing All Day Long Educator’s Book by Carol Biddiss 

The book gives you valuable information about how to set up and run your own music program. The approach satisfies international curriculum frameworks.

It has an easy, one-glance Lesson Overview to the five fully prepared lesson plans/parts, each lesson plan/part runs for 2 weeks or more:

  • Part 1. Beautiful Farm
  • Part 2. Cooks in the Kitchen
  • Part 3. Surprise, Surprise!
  • Part 4. Over the Sea
  • Part 5. Holiday Fun

You also get an index of first lines so you can quickly look up any song. And get a list of references and a glossary of musical terms.

In each lesson’s learning outcomes, you can see the benefits of early learning through music. There’s a specific section telling you what new learning the children might gain in their language and speech.

Across the series of lessons, you see a list of the musical elements and concepts. There are suggestions for Classical and World music to play for cultural enrichment.

We provide simple scores in this hard copy version.  There are updated scores showing chords in the digital version. You can get these when you download the book pdf.

The whole program will last for at least a half a semester because each lesson plan gives you enough material for 2-3 weeks or more. There is so much variety and change of pace that this program can work in many ways. And when you know the songs you can sing them whenever you like throughout the year!

Pack of 55 Lyric Charts

A complete set of Lyric Charts printed on durable A3 card (55 pages) – ready to display on your walls or windows so all the adults can see what songs the children are learning. Give your children the job of illustrating them.

5 CDs by Musical Child 

  • You get 5  music albums in CD format in a stand-up case with the Playlists on the back. You can always find the songs you need quickly – ready to play and repeat for learning


  • You also get 44 Song Titles and 70 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live”. You can email us for a code to get access to digital mp3 versions of all the matching vocal tracks. Then you can learn all the songs just the way you like you learn – by ear. You can use these vocal tracks if you ever experience any difficulty singing.


Hear some of the music. This is just Album 1″Beautiful Farm” – There are four more albums in the Educator’s Kit — Hard Copy!



Take advantage of our one-stop shop for Early Learning Musical Experiences and enjoy bringing some fresh new content to your classroom today!

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