Preschool Music Lesson Plans


Stop getting bogged down in program writing and get your Saturday afternoons back. Shop online for preschool music lesson plans to support your early learning music program.

All the hard work has been done for you, whether you are a qualified music educator or a teacher of preschool music, or a home-based carer of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. You get the flexibility you need to change the curriculum according to the interests of the children. Keep doing the same activities and swap in new song content.

The primary focus is the Early Learning Centre — Child Care Centre, Day Care, Preschool, Pre-k and Kindergarten — anywhere around the world where English is taught. However, these preschool music lesson plans are also aimed at music academies and private studio music teachers. They are also perfect for home-based educators.

Sing and Play is a comprehensive, research-based music curriculum for preschoolers and school beginners aged 3-5 years. Educators love how they can just pick it up and start using it. Following the national curricululm framework, it develops language, social interaction and wellbeing as the children play, improvise, learn songs and dances and discover music through their voices, bodies and simple percussion instruments.

The full curriculum consists of four programs full of lesson plans. These music, language, drama and movement programs for preschoolers are highly interactive, challenging and suitable for the age range.

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