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Stop getting bogged down in writing music programs and lesson plans and get your evenings back. Browse here in our Preschool Shop to find resources that support your early learning music program.

All the hard work has been done for you, whether you are

  • a music teacher
  • an educator working in an Early Childhood Centre
  • a home-based carer of babies, toddlers and preschoolers
  • a director of a community program, arts academy, church outreach group . . .

We’re not a franchise so you get the flexibility you need to change the curriculum according to the interests of the children and your own preferences. You are free to change activities and swap in new song content.

In this activity-based curriculum, the children play, improvise, learn songs and dances, and discover music through their voices, bodies and simple percussion instruments. You get to experience the joy!

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How Does It Work?


Do you feel like nobody ever taught you how to program music for preschool? Fortunately, here’s a way to get started with these four Preschool Music Programs. Each runs for approximately 10 weeks. You can match them to school terms or semesters, or extend them to 13 weeks so you have enough resources to run for the whole year. Use them until you gain the confidence to write your own.

The set is called Sing and Play — a comprehensive, research-based, music and movement curriculum for preschoolers and school beginners. Educators love how they can just pick up any Educator’s Book and start using it even with no formal music training. And they love that all the music is included, even lyric charts for every song so you never get lost for words.

Following national curriculum framework guidelines, Sing and Play develops —

  1. Personal and Cultural Identity
  2. Social Interactions and Connections
  3. Wellbeing — Physical, Emotional and Social
  4. Confidence, Creativity and Memory
  5. Communication Through Music, Movement and Lyrics

Sing and Play is full of lesson plans, equipment lists and teacher tips. These music, language, drama and movement programs for preschoolers are highly interactive, engaging, enjoyable, and challenging.

Suitable for 3-Year-Olds, 4-Year-Olds and 5-Year-Olds

Choose how you buy it. Sing and Play is available as individual Programs, e.g. Sing and Play 1 or single Lesson Plans, e.g. Beautiful Farm. For best value, it’s also available as a convenient product bundle: Preschool Music Curriculum—Sing and Play

Would you like to test a sample before you purchase? Use the Contact Form and request the Download Sample Pack of Sing and Play (Click/Tap).

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Product Title & image for Come and See My Farm educator's resource

“Come and See My Farm”

Educator’s Resource: Early Childhood Music

By Carol Biddiss M.Ed


In this multimedia package, you receive

  • comprehensive Educator’s Notes
  • 9 audio files
  • 5 videos

Play the videos to the children to show them when to play their instruments. Watch this one featuring the egg maracas. You can download the sample video.

Download Come and See My Farm – Maracas.mp4

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