Cooks in the Kitchen — Sing and Play 1 Part 2 Album


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Appetising songs and activities about growing, cooking and eating food

Includes many kinds of food and food experiences — making a cup of tea in a teapot, frying and eating pancakes, sizzling sausages in a pan, making tarts, preparing bits of apple for a pony, imagining pumpkin, onion, and carrot; sowing oats, peas, beans, barley, and rye; baking a pie; eating bread and honey . . .


SING & PLAY is a comprehensive, research-based, music and movement curriculum for preschoolers and school beginners

Use this music in your preschool music classes for parent & child, in the kindy room at your centre, with the reception class at your school or for home schooling

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Cooks in the Kitchen

All the music tracks (Vocals and Backing Tracks) aligned with the second lesson in Sing and Play 1 – Singing All Day Long Educator’s Book (English OR Chinese version)

BUYER NOTE: If you have purchased Sing and Play 1 Preschool Music Program or Cooks in the Kitchen Preschool Music Lesson Plan you already have this music!  However, you may wish to direct parents to buy this digital album so they can sing the songs at home with their children

Provides the music you need for

  • Lesson Plan Part 2 Cooks in the Kitchen

Makes your children happy and responsive

Develops their cognitive skills as they think about the stimulating new content you introduce

Results in confident children solving musical problems such as playing musical instruments on cue

Develops skills like keeping up with the beat and complex rhythms

Stimulates them to improvise and create their own music

Stimulates them to learn how to combine the skills of listening, moving, singing and playing

What you receive in your purchase


Instantly downloadable zip file containing 18 mp3 music files

In your zip file you get a comprehensive digital album with all the mp3s you need to learn and enjoy 8 songs each with a different focus — Social Conventions; Body Percussion; Fingerplays; Memory Songs; Rhythm Instruments; Melody and Harmony Instruments; Drama and Movement; Games and Dances; and Story Songs with Visual Media/ Picture Books.

There are backing tracks to support you singing “live”, which is so important because preschoolers and school beginners love to hear their favourite people. No matter what you think your voice sounds like, they just want you to sing it because they love you.

You also get matching vocal tracks. The vocal tracks are a great way for you to learn how a song goes your favourite way, by listening! After you introduce the songs, play the vocal and backing tracks to your children as they play by themselves with blocks, toys, dress-ups or at the painting easel. That way they can get to learn, remember and enjoy the sounds of the music and the important lyrics.

All tracks are for use in educational settings (including the child’s home) and may not be shared. The music is under copyright and registered with APRA/AMCOS AUSTRALIA. Contact us to inquire about licensing for other uses. See your license for conditions of use.

Listen to samples from the album – Cooks in the Kitchen


This is an excellent album for weeks of preschool/reception music lessons. Scroll up and ADD TO CART now!


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