Early Learning Centre Directors are finding it hard to make their centre shine

If you are the owner, manager or director of an early learning centre, you may be increasingly aware of how many new long daycare facilities have opened in your district in the past couple of years. Maybe you’ve watched your numbers starting to fluctuate and you’re concerned about retaining your best staff that you’ve nurtured over the years. Read on for a way to improve your offering.

Stand out with a distinctive approach

It’s great to see that governments are giving more generously to support early learning centre programs for 3 and 4 year-olds. However, it’s a worry that supply might outstrip demand as new facilities pop up and existing ones expand.

In an over-crowded marketplace, one solution is to offer a distinctive approach to your early learning centre curriculum. Many are turning towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). One further step in this trend is to include Arts and make it a STEAM rich curriculum. Music and movement are two areas of the arts that are perfectly suited to early childhood.

One problem is that staff don’t see themselves as musical

The trouble with running a music and movement program is that many staff members don’t see themselves as expert enough to be successful. Whenever they sing or move they just feel silly. The problem, and we hear it all the time, is that educators find it difficult to know just what to do. The reason is that they have never been taught enough about music education to develop and deliver a practical, down-to-earth program.

But parents know that music is important

Meanwhile, the research in neuroscience is hard to ignore. Parents are constantly seeing articles about how learning music and movement hardwires a child’s brain for better learning, language and health outcomes that continue right throughout the lifespan. And so, to cater to parents’ desires, many centres engage sub-contractors to offer music or dance programs.

You can change your educators’ minds

But imagine if you could support your staff with a music and movement curriculum that gives them enough scaffolding to embed music and movement in your early learning centre for each and every child with no extra fees for the parents. Your staff could engage with the children every day in meaningful music and movement activities. And you could give your staff all the music and activities they need in one big resource file.

We make it easy for you to run music and movement activities in your centre

By following our curriculum approach you could make your early learning centre stand out in the district by offering high quality music and movement activities delivered by your staff. Musical Child resources make it easy for you to integrate music into your daily schedule. 

Get started quickly

You’ll be relieved to discover this affordable curriculum solution that you can download immediately after purchase, buy some instruments that we recommend, and begin implementing it by starting off with the more confident of your educators. And if you do decide you need to offer training to your staff, make an inquiry about how we can solve that either at your place or through distance training.

You can see our list of training partners on our Training Page.

Stop searching online and try our international curriculum approach

If it’s a traditional song for little kids, it’s more than likely to be in this curriculum along with so much more than you’ll ever have time to find searching the Internet on your own. Attract more families, increase your income and enhance your profile in the area by offering an internationally acclaimed “early learning through music” program.

What’s your next step?

music and movement activities for preschoolers free mp3 & PDF Download

Download our free teaching resource, 19 Unique Musical Activity Games, and find out how the Musical Child approach can help your Centre achieve its goals. It’s not just music, it’s early learning through music.

Watch one of our programs of music and movement activities for preschoolers and see for yourself

Watch this short video that explains and demonstrates our program called ‘Sing and Play”. It guides the delivery of music lessons for preschoolers aged 3-5. You can see for yourself how much the children love the music and movement activities because they are just right for their age. A high quality early learning music program needs to be based on the right songs and the right activities. Learn how we handle that!

musical movements for toddlers
movement songs for kindergarten
creative movement activities for preschoolers

What do other Center Owners say about our music and movement curriculum?

‘I really appreciate the Musical Child curriculum because it connects the emotional part of the brain with the logical part. I also appreciate that it uses well-known songs and lyrics. The other important feature is the story-telling part of your music curriculum.’

Dr. Dan Yang

Founder, Vinci Education - Los Angeles, California U.S.; Ottawa, Canada; Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, China.

I’m from Spain, I run my own business, a Nursery School where we teach English through Music and Movement. I love your Lessons Plans because they are easy to follow and they organise my time!! I usually teach vocabulary with your songs, we are about to start In My Boat [Lesson Plan] but up to now, children have learnt a lot! Thanks for your Lessons!! I use your lesson plans with my group of moms and babies, they are from 9 months to 4 years old. I think they are very useful. It´s an excellent material and I love it.’

Maria Prieto Martin

Director, Causeway Academy - Cantabria, Spain

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