Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program

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  • First in the Toddler Series from Musical Child
  • Fully prepared half-semester program
  • Easy to use lesson plans to cater for any teaching style
  • Complete with all the music and lyric charts you need
  • 0 Risk with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter how much experience you have with teaching music to toddlers, simply download and start enjoying this program today!


  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee


Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program


It’s hard to keep your toddlers engaged in music time and to keep coming up with the right songs and practical down-to-earth activities. The tried-and-true Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program has been fully prepared to give you a set of easy to use lesson plans complete with all the music you need. No matter how much experience you have with toddler music, simply download and start using this program today!


What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource


Happy and Responsive Toddlers

Your children aged 1-3 develop their cognitive skills by playfully solving musical problems such as making sound from instruments; keeping up with the beat; and responding to cues to “start and stop” moving, singing and playing.


A Wonderful, Flexible Series of music Sessions

Specifically designed for mobile toddlers aged 1-3, these lessons are action-packed with movement and music as the main ingredients.


A Delightful Way to Monitor and Assess

Record your children’s physical development over 10 or more weeks as they handle the instruments, move their small muscles to the beat and move their whole body through space in time with the music.


Friendly Toddlers

Music enhances your children’s growing sense of how to regulate their social-emotional expression – so important for self-understanding, sharing and getting along with others.


Enormous Benefits in Language Development

By listening to and learning the songs, your children become better listeners because they regularly tune in to the rhythm of the words in the new songs, learn new vocabulary and practice speech patterns.


Feel Confident Teaching your Group

You can relax because the program is well-designed by a music education expert – the lessons are prepared for you so that you are able to successfully lead the children and if something does go wrong, you have other activities and lessons ready so you can engage the toddlers in completely new fun things to do, week after week.


Save Hundreds of Hours

Reduce your hours of weekend and evening program-planning time. No longer do you have to figure out the learning opportunities, look up new songs, find the music, think up activities appropriate for the age, work out a topic that brings everything together – it’s all done for you covering 10 or more weeks in one complete program.


What you get in your purchase


  • Bounce and Sing 1: Bouncing All Day Long Educator’s Book by Carol Biddiss

A complete Educator’s Book pdf 84 pages and a complete set of lyric charts in a 59-page pdf ready to read on screen or to print.

The book gives you valuable information about how to set up and run your own music program that satisfies international curriculum frameworks.

It gives you an easy, one-glance Lesson Overview to the five fully prepared lesson plans:

  • Part 1. We Play Music
  • Part 2. Sun Moon Star
  • Part 3. Up High in the Sky
  • Part 4. In My Boat; and
  • Part 5. Hot Cross Buns

You also get an index of first lines so you can quickly look up any song. And you get a list of references and a glossary of musical terms.


  • You get 5 digital music albums with numbered sets of mp3s so you can always find the songs you need quickly – ready to sync to your device.


  • You get 50 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and you also get all the matching 50 vocal tracks so you can learn the song just the way you like you learn – by ear. You can use these vocal tracks if you ever experience any difficulty singing. You also get all the lyrics on charts (pdf 59 pages) ready to read on screen or to print. Display in your room so that any adults can sing along with you – or if parents visit your classroom, they can see what the toddlers have been learning.


  • In each lesson’s learning outcomes, you can see the benefits of early learning through music and there’s a specific section telling you what new learning the children might achieve in their language and speech. Across the series of lessons, you see the musical concepts learned, simple scores with chords and suggestions for Classical music to play for cultural enrichment.


  • The complete Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program will last for a half a semester because each lesson plan gives you enough material for 2-3 weeks – there’s so much variety and change of pace that this program can work in many ways. And when you know the songs you can sing them whenever you like throughout the year!


Hear some of the music from “We Play Music”, one of the five albums in the Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program



100% Money Back Guarantee


Since 2008 our music education products have helped more than 170,000 children around the world. As a time-tested, proven product, we are pleased to offer you a 100% money back guarantee on all our digital curriculum resources purchased from this website. If after 60 days you are not happy with the results you obtain in your children’s learning from the use of our products, we will happily refund 100% of your purchase price. All we require is that you deliver the program according to the written guidelines at least once a week during the 60 days. This refund offer expires 90 days after you make your purchase.

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