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Quality Musical Instruments for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Catalogue of Early Childhood Musical Instruments
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Welcome to the Musical Instruments Shop

Here at Musical Child we’re on a mission to make your choice easy. We have curated the best instruments for preschool children and school beginners, ages 3-6-years. We’ve also done the product research and chosen the safest instruments for toddlers and babies, ages 0-36-months. NEW Catalogue ending June 2024 OUT SOON.

Bulk Buying

We’re especially passionate about helping Australian early learning centres, schools, music schools and independent music teachers in their decision-making process when buying in bulk. The more you buy, the more discount you get. If you don’t see the deal you want, write and ask for a quote.

Gift Buying

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit if you want only one or two instruments. If you are a parent or grandparent, or a music-loving auntie or uncle who wants to give wonderful, musical gifts, browse our range for inspiration. Then choose a real instrument that’s appropriate to their age.

You can give the child in your life an educational advantage by providing them with real musical instruments. And you get to feel good about musically influencing a child for life.

How do you choose?

It’s overwhelming how many instruments are available for young children. We’re keeping it simple with just a few styles of instrument that are safe, durable and fascinating sound-makers. To further simplify your choices, we’ve structured the shop into 3 categories — Babies 0-13_Months-Old, Toddlers 1-3-Years-Old and Preschoolers/Juniors 3-6-Years-Old.

We have chosen mainly percussion instruments because they work well in groups and are easy to play. We know that children lose interest in things that ‘don’t work’. We also know from bitter experience, that their curiosity can lead to damage of precious instruments with springs, strings and tuning pegs. So we recommend learning through play with these robust percussion instruments until it’s time to begin formal learning of the violin, piano, yidaki, guitar, or drum-kit with an instrumental music teacher, around the ages of 4-7 years.

We have 3 main criteria that guide our choices

  1. real instruments that make beautiful sounds
  2. they are durable
  3. they are safe

The other things we look for are

  • they sound clear and vibrant in comparative tests
  • they stimulate the imagination
  • they contribute to language development
  • they have an attractive design


If you hate scrolling, email your request for our NEW 2024 catalogue. If you love exploring online, choose an age range or keep scrolling to browse all the instruments in the shop. Tap any image to find out more …

Instruments for Preschoolers

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Instruments for Toddlers

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Instruments for Babies

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