Music Session Instrument Set 2 — Sleigh Bells & Guiros


For 20 Players 3-6-Years-Old — Preschool & School-Age

For music sessions with this age, it works well to have an instrument for each child in the room. However, that doesn’t mean having a huge diversity of instruments. With everyone playing something different you’re likely to end with noise. This set is limited to just two, sleigh bells and guiros. But there are 20 of each.

Instead of wasting money on a percussion set that leaves some children upset because they didn’t get the one that they wanted, we recommend buying your instruments in sets to fit your class size. That way you restrict the choice and you can build up your kit gradually as they gain mastery over each new instrument.

Why is it much better to have everyone playing the same sound at the same time?

✅  it minimises the sensory overload on delicate ears

✅  it gives clarity of sound in rooms that are often very ‘live’ with reverberation off hard surfaces

✅  it stops squabbling, jealousy and disappointment when a favourite instrument is hotly contested

✅  it makes sharing easy because everybody gets the same

✅  holding the same thing gives everyone the feeling of belonging to the group

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Preschool/Junior Mixed Set of Sleigh Bells and Guiros

Add to your collection with two more popular instruments — shiny sleigh bells and twin guiros. Children love the joy-filled sound of bells and are captivated by the ‘scritching’ sound of guiros.

  • The set contains:
    20 Sleigh Bells — 5 bright silver-coloured bells on a dark blue strap with a wooden handle
    20 Guiros/Agogos in a natural wood finish

This affordable set of early childhood resources is an excellent choice for use in a Music Classroom, an Early Learning Setting, a Library or a Community Centre. The children are instantly attracted by the musical sounds — the high frequencies of the bells, the ‘scritch’ of the guiros and the ‘tick tock’ of the agogo. You are really getting three distinctive sounds for the price of  two instruments. This value-for-money factor is one of the things you gain by choosing instruments curated by our specialist team of Early Childhood Music Educators.

A set like this is great for children learning about elements of music such as rhythm. They can also compare them and discover subtleties in timbre. Over time they will hear the differences between a high-sounding instrument that they shake, a ridged instrument that they scrape and an instrument with two hollow chambers that they tap.

When children concentrate on one or two instruments in a music session they develop their fine listening skills — so important for phonological awareness in their literacy.

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