Toddler Music Programs

Bounce and Sing is a comprehensive research-based music curriculum for toddlers and young children up to age three. Educators love how it encourages language  development, improvisation and play as the children discover music through their voices, bodies and instruments.

The full curriculum consists of four programs. These music and movement programs for toddlers are highly active and increase happiness through sensory stimulation.


Preschool Music Lesson Plans Free MP3 & PDF Download

Music Programs For Active Toddlers

Each program has enough material to last for 10 or more weeks and is full of joyful musical activities that suit very young children. The programs are optionally available as smaller units. Each individual lesson plan lasts 2 or more weeks. Read the product descriptions to find out what content is offered in each program or lesson plan.

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Who uses our toddler music curriculum?


Early Learning Centre

The primary focus for the program is the Early Learning Centre, Child Care Centre, Day Care, Nursery or Crèche. The Bounce and Sing song-based curriculum works anywhere around the world where toddlers are learning English. If you are a Centre Director, this curriculum solution is perfect for enhancing the mood and feel of your Centre, especially when you combine it with our trainings for your staff. Find out more. 

Early Childhood Educator

If you are an early childhood educator who is drawn to music and passionately believes that music is essential for the well-being of toddlers, you will be thrilled to work with these toddler music resources. The toddler music lesson plans are written in plain English and do not assume that you can read music or understand highly technical musical terminology. Find out more.

Music Schools

Our toddler music programs are also aimed at Music Academies and private Music Schools. As a Director of a school you may wish to engage with young families by offering for parent and child classes. Writing your own curriculum is complex and time consuming. The Bounce and Sing Toddler Music Curriculum will save you time and angst. Find out more. 

Music Teacher

If you are a music teacher working from your home studio you may be happy working one-on-one or with small groups teaching your instrument. However, when it comes to offering group classes for parents and children you may feel lost. If you know that you are inexperienced with curriculum and methods for children one to three years old, these toddler music resources offer valuable insights into what content and activities are appropriate for this age. Find out more. 


We guarantee your satisfaction. These toddler music lesson programs and plans have been written by experts, made with love, tested and perfected in our own music classes and studios.

Extensive testing has also been carried out in privately owned centres in Australia, China and Hong Kong proving the effectiveness of the Bounce and Sing Toddler Music Curriculum in child development and most importantly in children’s enjoyment of learning.




Preschool Music Lesson Plans Free MP3 & PDF Download