My Hands and Fingers Toddler Lesson Plan 6


Robust toddlers are capable of making lots of mess – spilling drinks and pots of paint – all due to their lack of fine motor skills. Help them to focus on manipulation with these songs about mending shoes, prowling like a lion and warming your hands by the fire. Put a feather in your hair, touch your thumb, clap 3 times as you dance, mime kangaroo paws — over time, these activities will bring rewards in muscle refinement as well as in self-awareness. Find out how to develop toddler fine motor skills with this lesson plan today!

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My Hands and Fingers Toddler Lesson Plan 6

Toddler fine motor skills need developing so they can learn more self-control.  We do this by isolating parts of the body and concentrating on them for a few moments each day. So here are 10 practical songs and activities with a focus on hands, on what clever things they can do and on how they look — especially those strange thumbs! This topic includes two fascinating nursery rhymes about hands – Cobbler Cobbler is about using tools and Warm Hands Warm is about getting cosy by the fire with Mummy.

What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource

  1. Happy and responsive toddlers aged 1-3 who develop their cognitive skills by playfully solving musical problems such as making sound from instruments and keeping up with the beat
  2. Wonderful music and movement sessions that are action-packed and designed specifically for those highly mobile toddlers
  3. A delightful way to monitor and assess children’s physical development as they handle the instruments, move their small muscles to the beat and move their whole body through space in time with the music
  4. Friendly toddlers who learn how to self-regulate their social-emotional expression – so important for self-soothing, gaining confidence and getting along with others
  5. Enormous benefits in language development from the songs because the children become better listeners – they tune in to the rhythm of the words (the parents will wonder how you taught their child to sing whole songs!)
  6. You feel confident teaching your group because the lesson is prepared for you so that you are able to successfully lead the children – and if something does go wrong, you’ll have another activity ready so you can quickly engage the toddlers in a completely new fun thing to do. (Instead of cringing over disastrous moments you can tell your colleagues how you saved the situation in a flash!)
  7. You save hours of weekend and evening lesson planning time – no more frustration figuring out the learning opportunities, finding the music, thinking up activities appropriate for the age, working out a topic, such as toddler fine motor skills, that brings everything together – it’s all done for you in one neat package.

What you receive in your purchase

Instantly downloadable zip file containing one pdf and multiple mps

  • 35 page educator’s booklet pdf that includes 12 lyric charts pdf ready to read on screen or to print (Title – Biddiss, Carol 2013 My Hands and Fingers Lesson Plan – Bounce and Sing Part 6 Bouncing On the Bed Musical Child: Adelaide.)
  • A digital music double-album set with all the mp3s you need to learn the songs quickly. Includes all the musical recordings for 14 different song titles around the topic of toddler fine motor skills.  You receive 31 mp3s including 15 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and 16 vocal tracks. You also get all the lyrics on charts that you can display in your room so that other adults can sing along with you – or if parents visit your room, they can see what the toddlers have been learning.
  • In the printable written booklet there are 10 different activities detailing exactly what to do to keep the children actively engaged for the whole time – you also get background notes on why these are the right songs and activities for this age. In the learning outcomes, there’s a specific section detailing how the children might develop in their language and speech. As an added plus you can see the main musical concepts featured. There’s also a simple score with chords and you get suggestions for Classical music to play for cultural enrichment.
  • This flexible lesson plan lasts you for weeks – you can split it up into segments over several days or run it for up to 45 minutes once a week for 2 or 3 weeks – there’s so much variety and change of pace that it can work in many ways. And when you know the songs you can sing them whenever you like!
  • This product includes Hello Song; Pack Away Song; The Little Horses by the Creek; and Goodbye Song. These tracks repeat throughout the program Bounce and Sing 2: Bouncing on the Bed.
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