Singing and talent

Singing is not a rare ability given to a talented few In fact, it's the word "talented" that can become a big problem for parents. Talent has become tainted. Following the powerful pull of Big Media, there's a prevailing attitude of obsession with talent, audition and...

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Speech music link

Speech music link

Speech music link shows up in babies 9 months of age. The speech music link has long been apparent to those of us who educate young children but until the revolution in brain science there has been no direct proof of this link. Thankfully now, for the first time, two...

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Website Design & SEO for Musical Child

The Musical Child Website. As early childhood educators, we at Musical Child would just like to say thanks to Diem Digital Marketing for all their work in internet marketing from Brisbane, SEO keyword research as well as Web Design. The team put a lot of time and...

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