Christmas Tree Toddler Lesson Plan 20


Why run a Christmas Tree Music Lesson? Toddlers are constantly learning to sing parts of songs and even whole short songs. However, they do need to see and hear others singing in order to develop this lifetime skill that is so important for social cohesion.

As you run your Christmas Tree music lesson, watch them soak up these emotion-filled favourites such as Jingle Bells. This is a lesson plan that gives you the perfect vehicle for expressing big Christmas feelings through sparkling and soothing songs, games, dances and instrumentals.

For quiet moments there’s a sacred carol about bringing a gift to the baby Jesus, and a well-loved standard honouring the iconic star.

For louder joy and dancing there are Christmas lyrics and tunes with bells, more bells, Christmas trees, more Christmas trees, Santa and the reindeer.

Toddlers need a way to feel part of the Christmas spirit because it means a lot of different things to different people. No matter what their home culture, they are going to be immersed in the Christmas experience in many public spaces in the weeks before Christmas Day. Help them make meaning through joyful shared song, buy this Christmas Tree music lesson plan.


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Christmas Tree Toddler Lesson Plan 20

Manage Christmas high spirits with a ton of active songs. There are a lot of hours between Santa appearing in shops and the actual Christmas Day in all its religious and secular manifestations. So to keep you in top gear, here are 11 songs, each with a specially themed activity with a lot of emphasis on Christmas trees and Christmas bells — very concrete! And to round it out, there’s an ancient nursery rhyme about a Christmas plum pie and a cheeky new song with funny actions written by Carol. So much in the music stocking!

And to add a restful moment of respect, there’s a beautiful Czech lullaby for a baby, Rocking Carol, that can be sung to the baby Jesus if you have a manger scene on display. There’s also an instrument song that tells toddlers exactly what to do with each instrument. Makes your job easy doesn’t it? You can do this one with the parents playing and singing along too — Christmas concert sorted.

We sing Jingle Bells of course, and we also teach you many ways to enjoy Christmas trees as the title suggests. Don’t just decorate Christmas trees, sing about them all through December.

Buy some sleighbells or lollipop drums to enhance the musical experience.

What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource 

  1. Happy toddlers aged 1-3 who know a lot of snippets of Christmas songs.
  2. Friendly toddlers learning to share songs and music with their peers, families and in their wider community.
  3. You’ll save precious hours of your own leisure time by using a ready-made lesson plan!
  4. You can observe them dancing and prancing to Jingle Bells and the Christmas Tree Dance, (they do become better socialised and cooperative, according to research.
  5. The letter ‘L’ is hard to say, the tongue has to rise up to the hard palate. We sing ‘bell’ many times in this lesson plan. You can watch for signs of skill development in the formation of this important sound in the English language, especially with children who are culturally and linguistically diverse.
  6. The learning outcomes are built in by music education experts; assess improvements in children’s co-operation and locomotor skills across 2 or more weeks.

What you’ll receive in your purchase – Christmas Tree Music Lesson

Instantly downloadable zip file containing one PDF and multiple MP3s

  • 29 page educator’s booklet PDF — includes 11 lyric charts ready to read on your screen or to print for your walls (Title: Christmas Tree Lesson Plan – Bounce and Sing  Part 20 Bouncing Kangaroos by Carol Biddiss, (c) 2013 Musical Child: Adelaide.)
  • A digital music double-album set with all the MP3s you need to learn the songs quickly. This includes all the musical recordings for 10 different song titles around the topic of enjoying Christmas. You receive 32 MP3s including 16 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and 16 vocal tracks so you can learn the songs first.
  • You also get all the lyrics on charts that you can display in your room so that you never forget the words, other adults can sing along with you, or if parents visit your room they can see what the children have been learning from you.
  • In the printable written booklet there are 10 different activities detailing exactly what you can do to keep the children actively engaged for the whole time. You also get background notes on why these are the right songs and activities for this age. In the learning outcomes, there’s a specific section devoted to language and speech development. As an added plus, you can see which are the main musical concepts taught within the songs. There’s also a simple score with chords and you get suggestions for recorded music to play for cultural enrichment.
  • This is one of our flexible lesson plans for toddlers and it lasts you for weeks. You can split it up into 5, 10, or 15 minute segments over several days. Or run it for up to 45 minutes once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. There’s so much variety and change of pace that it can work in many ways. And once you know the songs, you can sing them whenever you feel like it! Christmas in July?
Hear the music previews Toddler Christmas Tree music lesson in our series of lesson plans (preschool)

Download and start using this toddler Christmas Tree music lesson plan for 1-3-year-olds today.

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