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This is not a single product like the other Toddler Music Programs — it is a product bundle and the price you see is per product. This is a convenient way to buy more than one Program to create your Toddler Music Curriculum. As you add more products, the total price will rise. If you’d rather buy just one Program, go back to the Toddler Music Resources [CLICK/TAP] and choose your product.

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Why buy a bundle?

✓ All the Hard Work of Finding Songs and Activities Has Been Done For You
✓ Gain a Whole Library of Work in One Purchase
✓ Enough Material For Year-Long Program — Complete Set of 4 Toddler Music Programs
✓ Suitable For Walkers Up to 36 Months — Covers Age Ranges 1-2-Years-Old & 2-3-Years-Old


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Do You Have The Job Of Writing The Toddler Music Curriculum For Your Centre?

You are probably feeling overwhelmed and that your time will be eaten up when you begin the task of preparing a year-long music curriculum for toddlers. Writing a music curriculum for the age groups of one and two year-olds is awfully time-consuming, not to mention confusing. You have to search far and wide to find songs that are meaningful. And curriculum design itself a specialist’s job requiring knowledge and skills in two fields — early childhood development and musical development.

Thankfully that’s our skill-set here, so you can relax knowing you’re in the right place to get some help. Over the years our team has invested time, effort and action-research in developing products that have a positive effect on toddlers and the adults who live and work with them.

Furthermore, you don’t have to keep buying licenses from us year on year, nor do you have to follow the programs exactly. This is not a franchise, it’s simply a resource, and quite a sophisticated one with many layers of learning potential. You begin to see dramatic changes in the children within the first month of weekly use.

With our fully prepared Music and Movement Curriculum you’ll cover all the bases and soon be customising it to fit your toddlers. And, we hope, you’ll want to add in your own creative flair as you watch their reactions and learn which parts they really like.

What You Get In Your Purchase

As soon as your payment goes through, you receive links to download the 4 Toddler Music Programs
Each Program is a Complete Package Containing 4 Components
1. An Educator’s Book with Equipment List, a Term Overview, Lesson Plans, References, Index, Glossary, Musical Scores
2. A Set of Lyric Charts for Educators
3. A Digital Album of the Songs (MP3s)
4. Another Digital Album of Backing Tracks (MP3s)


Benefits From Using This Product Bundle

✓ Fast and Convenient Downloads — No Waiting for DELIVERY
✓ Download and Play – Includes Music Tracks and License to Use – Covers up to 200 Children
✓ Easy to Tailor-make Your Own – Substitute Your Own Songs and Music


Chances are that if you do start writing your own curriculum without the support of experts, you’ll be spending the next foreseeable weekends and several evenings a week poring over hundreds of different websites and songbooks. This research phase can go on for months and really start to consume you. The risk of being overwhelmed is high. What’s more, you might still miss some important new research or get fixated on a weird passing fad. There are many subtle layers to weave together, including how your curriculum interfaces with the national curriculum framework, cultural nuances and each child’s cultural background, interests and needs.

A Small Taste of the Benefits For Children – EYLF OUTCOMES

  1. IDENTITY — Music Is Key To Personal, Group And Cultural Identity
  2. CONNECTION  — Music Engages And Connects Children to Past And Present Artists And Artworks Globally
  3. WELLBEING — Music Releases Emotions And Develops Skills Necessary For Wellbeing
  4. LEARNING — Music Enhances Neural Networks and Supports Learning
  5. COMMUNICATION — Music Is Key To Effective Communication

Instant download available on these specialised toddler curriculum support documents and music files


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