Toddler Percussion Instrument Set 8 Piece


Toddler Percussion Instrument Set 8 Piece

Designed for 1 Player 1-3 Years Old

Have you been searching the Internet for a set of toddler musical instruments? You’ll find a confusing number of choices, some with many instruments included, but are they of good quality and are they all necessary? Well frankly, no. You only need a few kinds of instrument and you need them to be tough to withstand that toddler need to investigate everything and drop it when they’ve finished.

If you’ve had very little training in music for toddlers, how are you supposed to know what should be in an educational set for this age? It’s likely that you’ll become overwhelmed and run the risk of making a poor choice or no choice at all.

So let us make your choice easy. We’ve done the testing over decades to help you source age-appropriate real musical instruments that suit your toddler’s hands and their curiosity

✅  these specially selected hand-held or wearable percussion instruments make it easy for your child to hold or wear each one as they move around — promoting learning through play with music and movement

✅  each instrument is unique with its own percussion sound made by shaking, tapping, hitting, scraping or pressing

✅  engaging and safe for hands that like to explore how these fascinating sounds are made

✅  strong and durable materials & attention to detail in the construction — simple DIY repairs can often extend their life

✅ The brands we choose, CPK, Remo Kids Percussion, Lynn Kleiner, and Mano Percussion have been going for decades & are among the best percussion brands

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Toddler’s Mixed Set of 8 Different Instruments

Featuring a carefully chosen selection of eight pieces, these instruments cover a wide spectrum of percussive sounds made by wood hitting or scraping against wood, hands or soft mallet tapping on tightened skins, or metal hitting against metal and hard plastic

The instruments are easy to play and feature bright, resonant sounds that are as close as possible to what we hear in professional performances

For 1 child exploring, improvising and playing music on their own

Also suitable for one educator/therapist to play with a child

Designed for ease of cleaning and disinfecting — hard-wearing surfaces and steel rivets and bells

The set contains:

  1. Rainforest Hand Drum 6” + Beater
  2. Pair of Light Claves
  3. Toddler Trio Sleigh Bells
  4. Pair of Metallic Shaker Eggs
  5. Toddler Guiro + Scraper
  6. Wearable Sleigh Bells
  7. Pair of Finger Cymbals
  8. Pair of Colourful Castanets

Excellent choice for use at home or in a Music Classroom, an Early Learning Setting, a Therapy Room, or a Community Centre, because the child is immediately interested in getting their hands on this variety of sound-makers

This engagement factor is what you gain by choosing instruments curated by our specialist team of Early Childhood Music Educators

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Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 30 × 34 × 10 cm


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