Music for 4-Year-Olds — All Together Now! Digital Album


✅  From the Series AGE FOUR

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✅  Instant Download

✅  Vocal Tracks AND Backing Tracks

✅  Use in Your Preschool Music Program with Educator Notes, ‘All Together Now!’

Engaging songs for instrument and movement activities to encourage children to play with music. Contains 7 different song titles including the songs, Dr Knickerbocker and Ten in the Bed

Simply download to your computer where you can sync to your device or USB drive

Use this music in your Preschool Music classes for parents, in the Kindergarten Room at your Centre, or at home for family music-making

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All Together Now!

Digital Album – All Together Now – AGE FOUR

Educational music encourages children to learn lyrics as they tune in to the rhythm and melody patterns

What you receive in your purchase

Instantly downloadable zip file containing 20 mp3 music files


If you have purchased our legacy products, Sing and Play 1, 2, and 3, you already have the music in your collection. However, you may wish to direct parents/carers in your groups to buy this digital album so they can sing the songs at home.

In your zip file you get a digital album with all the mp3s you need to learn and enjoy 5 preschool songs each with a different focus:

  1. a greeting song
  2. a finger play,
  3. a rhythm instrument song and game
  4. a melody instrument song and game
  5. a circle dance
  6. a story song
  7. a farewell song.

There are 10 backing tracks (including several versions of Come and See My Farm) to support you singing “live”, which is so important because children like to learn from those they love, even if they don’t have the voice of a recording star.

You also get 10 matching vocal tracks. The vocal tracks are a great way for you to learn how a song goes the easiest way, by listening!

After you introduce the songs, leave the vocal and backing tracks handy on a media player so that your children have access to them as as they play by themselves or with other children. That way they can learn, remember and enjoy the sounds of the music by singing along with the vocalist or karaoke-style with the backing track.


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