Christmas is Here Preschool Lesson Plan 20


We love to watch children’s faces as they gaze at twinkling lights. Maybe they are experiencing awe and wonder. This lesson plan gives a musical way to express such feelings through calm, loving songs about babies, friendship, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.

But there’s another side to Christmas so we bring enticing and exciting songs about elves, bells ringing, festive food, Santa Claus, and Christmas gifts.

It’s important to discuss with your children what Christmas means to a diversity of people. If you wish to cover many aspects of this widely celebrated time, buy this lesson plan.


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Christmas is Here Preschool Lesson Plan 20

Christmas Day is a day for special songs. Make sure your children are ready to rise up singing on this joyful day. Having the music in you is a built-in ‘inspiration bank’ that you can draw from in the days surrounding Christmas to feel part of the festivities and customs such as the many free ‘Carols by Candlelight’ offered by local councils and shires. And you can freely access the songs whenever you get the urge!

This lesson is just as varied as Christmas is Coming. Once again, there are 10 songs in all. There’s another song Carol wrote called We Are Santa’s Little Elves about making toys with hammers, nails, drills and screws. It’s accompanied by lots of actions, and elf hats! And there’s a beautiful Spanish lullaby for a baby, A La Naninta Nana, that can be sung to the baby Jesus. There’s a an actual song called Christmas is Here for you to play on chime bars to remember ‘friends far and near’ — an excellent rhyme, ‘here’ and ‘near’. We sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas of course, and we also teach you more ways to enjoy a feast of Christmas music. Don’t just make garlands and decorate trees, turn the last days of the year together into a Christmas Musical sung daily through December.

Buy some sleighbells or chimebars to enhance the musical experience.

What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource 

  1. Happy self-expressive preschoolers aged 3-5 who know a lot of Christmas songs.
  2. Learners with memories full of lyrics and melodies. Remember your childhood? These memories will last a lifetime.
  3. A way to assess improvements in children’s social skills as you observe them sharing songs in their play, and generally being more cooperative, according to research.
  4. Socially connected preschoolers learning to share songs and music in their wider community.
  5. Children improve their phonological skills through forming song lyrics with their mouth, larynx and diaphragm.
  6. You will succeed at music when you are supported by a prepared lesson plan virtually. IF you can prepare props and press play on your media player, you can run a great musical experience and perhaps a natural musical leader will show up in your group to support you! You don’t have to do all of the ten activities and you can quickly move on if one isn’t working for you.
  7. Your can gain so much time by using a ready-made lesson plan! The learning opportunities are built in by music education experts; the music is right for the age; the activities have all been tested. Our lesson plans for preschool are designed so you can enjoy a relaxed Christmas build-up because of the joy-filled music we have chosen for you. And of course you can add in your own favourites once your confidence is secure.

What you’ll receive in your purchase – Christmas is Here Lesson

Instantly downloadable zip file containing one PDF and multiple MP3s

  • 37 page educator’s booklet PDF — includes 13 lyric charts ready to read on your screen or to print for your walls (Title: Christmas is Here Lesson Plan – Sing and Play Part 20 Singing to the Sky by Carol Biddiss, (c) 2013 Musical Child: Adelaide.)
  • A digital music double-album set with all the MP3s you need to learn the songs quickly. This includes all the musical recordings for 10 different song titles around the topic of enjoying Christmas. You receive 24 MP3s including 12 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and 12 vocal tracks so you can learn the songs first.
  • You also get all the lyrics on charts that you can display in your room so that you never forget the words, other adults can sing along with you, or if parents visit your room they can see what the children have been learning from you.
  • In the printable written booklet there are 10 different activities detailing exactly what you can do to keep the children actively engaged for the whole time. You also get background notes on why these are the right songs and activities for this age. In the learning outcomes, there’s a specific section devoted to language and speech development. As an added plus, you can see which are the main musical concepts taught within the songs. There’s also a simple score with chords and you get suggestions for recorded music to play for cultural enrichment.
  • This is one of our flexible lesson plans for preschoolers and it lasts you for weeks. You can split it up into 5, 10, or 15 minute segments over several days. Or run it for up to 45 minutes once a week for 2 or 3 weeks. There’s so much variety and change of pace that it can work in many ways. And once you know the songs, you can sing them whenever you feel like it! Christmas in July?
Hear the music previews for the second Christmas music lesson in our series of lesson plans (preschool)

Download and start using this second Christmas lesson plan for 3-5-year-olds today.

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