Christmas is Coming Preschool Lesson Plan 19


Children love to sing traditional songs and activities about preparing for Christmas. This lesson plan features songs to inspire kindness and sharing, songs to sing sweetly to Mary and her baby and songs to make them sound like angels.

There are also ‘fun songs’ about Christmas trees, reindeer and Santa to add immersive enjoyment to the season leading up to Christmas Day. Saturate your room with audible Christmas cheer and listen to the children hum with delight.


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Christmas is Coming Preschool Lesson Plan 19

Christmas is not a day but a season. Preschool children are well aware that something big is happening from the beginning of November. That’s when when supermarkets start becoming tinsel-draped showcases of Christmas wares. Use this lesson plan to move their thinking away from the commercial aspects of the Christmas season.

This lesson is jam-packed with Christmas goodies — 10 songs in all. There’s a little song Carol wrote called Five Little Christmas Trees about buying real tiny trees in pots. And there’s a little-known counting song about a Band of Christmas Angels, a possible small performance for the parents? There’s a song called Mary Had a Baby for you to play on chime bars — lovely! For loco-motor activity we repurpose a horse song to become a reindeer song and add in the favourite, Rudolph. We give an honorable mention to buskers and spare a thought for Christmas generosity. There’s a beautiful song about ‘love and joy’ and we finish with a quiet reflection on magical Santa. Find out more about making Christmas memories.

Buy some sleighbells or chimebars to enhance the musical experience.

What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource 

  1. Knowledgeable preschoolers aged 3-5 who’ve developed their cultural capital by learning traditional and recently composed Christmas songs.
  2. Highly engaged learners. They’ll respond well to this music and movement session written specifically to appeal to the thoughtfulness of preschoolers and school beginners.
  3. A way to asses improvements in children’s physical skills as you observe them handling the instruments, moving their hands to the beat and moving their whole body through space in time to the reindeer music.
  4. Socially connected preschoolers learning to making music together.
  5. Children build word power from the song lyrics and sharpen their listening skills — caught up in a flow state, they tune in to the rhythm of the words and improve their inner speech.
  6. A fully prepared lesson plan virtually guarantees your success. You become the guide, leading the children to enter the musical activities. There are ten activities and, of course, you don’t have to do them all, but you know you have plenty of fall-back positions.
  7. Your weekends and evening can be spent doing things to keep you fresh and creative. Slave over a hot stove to prepare delicious Christmas treats, don’t slave over a lesson plan! The learning opportunities are built in by music education experts; the music is right for the age; the activities have all been tested. Our lesson plans for preschool are designed so you can shine like the star on the tree.

What you’ll receive in your purchase – Christmas is Coming Lesson

Instantly downloadable zip file containing one PDF and multiple MP3s

  • 35 page educator’s booklet PDF — includes 13 lyric charts ready to read on your screen or to print for your walls (Title: Christmas is Coming Lesson Plan – Sing and Play Part 19 Singing to the Sky by Carol Biddiss, (c) 2013 Musical Child: Adelaide.)
  • A digital music double-album set with all the MP3s you need to learn the songs quickly. This includes all the musical recordings for 10 different song titles around the topic of anticipating Christmas. You receive 24 MP3s including 12 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and 12 vocal tracks so you can learn the songs first.
  • You also get all the lyrics on charts that you can display in your room so that you never forget the words, other adults can sing along with you, or if parents visit your room they can see what the children have been learning from you.
  • In the printable written booklet there are 10 different activities detailing exactly what you can do to keep the children actively engaged for the whole time. You also get background notes on why these are the right songs and activities for this age. In the learning outcomes, there’s a specific section devoted to language and speech development. As an added plus, you can see which are the main musical concepts taught within the songs. There’s also a simple score with chords and you get suggestions for recorded music to play for cultural enrichment.
  • This is one of our flexible lesson plans for preschoolers and it lasts you for weeks. Choose what songs you want to teach. You can split it up into 5, 10, or 15 minute segments over several days. Or run the whole set for up to 45 minutes once a week for 2, 3 or more weeks. There’s so much variety and change of pace that it can work in many ways. Add your own creative art activities. And once you know the songs, you can sing them whenever you feel like it! Christmas in July?
Hear the music previews for the first Christmas music lesson in our series of lesson plans (preschool)

Download and start using this Christmas lesson plan for 3-5-year-olds today.

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