Preschool Music Books — Sing and Play 2, 3 and 4

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Sing and Play Books – Complete the Series

This is a bundle of three books in the Sing and Play Series for Preschoolers to complete your set if you already have Sing and Play 1 Educator’s Book. NOTE: This product includes only the books, not the music or lyric charts.

Included are:

  • Sing and Play 2 Educator’s Book
  • Sing and Play 3 Educator’s Book
  • Sing and Play 4 Educator’s Book

This is a cheaper way to buy all the Educator’s Books so you can Teach Your Own Year-long Preschool Music Program. If you’d rather buy just one Preschool Music Book to ‘test the water’, go back to the Sing and Play 1 Preschool Educator’s Book [CLICK/TAP] and choose that product.

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Why buy a bundle?

✓ All the Hard Work of Finding Songs and Activities Has Been Done For You

✓ Gain a Whole Library of Work in One Purchase

✓ Enough Material to Create Your Own Year-Long Program (if you have Sing and Play 1)

✓ Suitable For Teaching Music to Age Range 3-6 six-years-old

✓ Music Teacher? Use as a Precursor or in Conjunction With Your Instrument-based Lessons

✓ Early Childhood Educator? Use for Group Time, Incidental Teaching or Regular Weekly Music Lessons

✓ More economical — Buy a Bulk Pack Rather Than Individual Books — Save Money

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee


Complete Your Set of Preschool Music Books

Want to get the complete set of educator’s books for teaching preschool music? When was the last time you felt like you were stuck for ideas when planning what to do next to keep your 3-5-year-olds from squirming, hiding behind their parents or worse still walking away? Probably quite recently, because that’s what children of that age do when they are confused or something doesn’t interest them.

Thankfully, we know what grabs their attention from years of testing different songs and activities and themes. The Preschool Music Educator’s Books in this bundle are based on best practice and research that has been carried over decades. Once you get this large repertoire of music and engaging activities into your personal collection you can begin to develop children’s understanding of culture, identity, friendliness, sharing, communication and self-expression. You won’t feel like you’re chasing the next lesson plan — you’ll feel that you have highly valuable resources to turn to for inspiration. Our intention is that you feel “important and hence fulfilled” as one of our happy customers said.

If you want to run music sessions that play into the holistic development of preschoolers, don’t feel out your your depth. These books help you to link the musical experiences you offer to language learning outcomes amongst other benefits. You will gain not only confidence but also the respect of colleagues and parents. Add this bundle of books to your cart!



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