Let’s Count in Song: Preschool songs for addition and subtraction


10 Numeracy songs and rhymes with activities to fascinate preschoolers 3-5 years, like the mysterious soundtrack for Here is the Beehive that ends with a swarm of buzzing bees. This downloadable teaching resource contains all the mp3s you need plus lyrics, scores and extensive notes on how to do the activities. Singing songs for addition and subtraction develops positive dispositions towards learning mathematics.

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We've always found that having musical soundtracks for counting rhymes keeps the children engaged. These songs and rhymes for addition and subtraction come complete with all the music and sound effects (such as buzzing bees or a fire-truck siren) to keep them listening.  We start with easy sequences from one to five and move on to counting back from 10 to none and forward to twenty in twos. There are two songs teaching the ordinal sequence first to fifth. This curated collection features tadpoles and bees, fire-fighters and flies, seashells and Christmas bells, pancakes and empty plates, we've even got a rap-song and a song about blowing out birthday candles.



What you'll gain by using this resource package


  1. Your preschoolers will be bursting with enthusiasm, wanting to copy you and try out the actions for themselves. They'll be expressing themselves multi-modally, in words, music, gesture, movement and sound effects.
  2. They'll be motivated to learn quickly. They will want to practise and so they’ll be singing their numbers in order in no time and wanting to share their new knowledge with their family and friends.
  3. You have a new and delightful way to monitor their developing skills with rhythm, rhyme and repetition. You will observe them playing and improvising their own number action songs using their fingers, everyday objects and props you put out to provoke new learning.
  4. You will be able to expand your pedagogical approaches to mathematics by extending the way you use music as one of your most successful practices.
  5. You will grow in confidence because you feel supported by the backing tracks, specially written by educators who think like you do.
  6. You will save yourself hours of weekend and evening planning time by using these curated songs and activities as a springboard. You will be inspired to create your own learning experiences tailored to the particular needs of your individuals or groups.

What you'll receive in your purchase


Instantly downloadable zip file containing a pdf and 20 mp3s, specifically:


  • A 22 page educator's booklet pdf that includes the lyrics —  Let's Count in Song Carol Biddiss,  2019 Musical Child: Adelaide.
  • A digital music double-album with all the mp3s you need. You receive 20 mp3s including 10 vocal tracks so you can quickly learn the songs the way you are used to, by listening to a recording as many times as you need in private. You also receive 10 karaoke tracks to back you up singing 'live' to your children — so beneficial for them to watch your mouth forming the words.
  • In the printable booklet there are background notes on why we chose each song/rhyme and suggested activities that you can follow or use as a stepping off point for your own. We also suggest ways that you can monitor learning outcomes with a specific section on possible language and speech developments. As an added plus, you can see the main musical concepts featured. There are also simple scores with chords for those of you who read music.
  • This flexible teaching resource will serve you for many years. There's so much variety and change of pace, instrumentation and mood that it can work in many ways. And when you know the songs, you can sing them whenever you like and improvise new lyrics over the backing tracks.

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