Sensory Games and Songs – Benefits for Babies Module 5

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5th Module in the Unit: ZERO — Music for Babies 0-13 Months

  • TOPIC: Singing play songs with sensory games delays the onset of infant distress
  • MODE: Downloadable, self-paced, research-based training for early childhood educators and music teachers who wish to write their own music programs
  • LEVEL: For educators or teachers who already have an initial qualification or professional experience in EITHER early childhood OR music
  • RESOURCES: Package includes PDF Training Paper, PDF Song Book and MP3 Music Tracks (both Backing Tracks and Vocals)
  • LICENSE: This download is for the use of one individual. If you wish to use it for training a group of staff, please email for a quote on bulk purchase stating the group size. Discount coupons can be used for 2 or more people in the same organisation. The more people the greater the discount.
  • COMPLIANCE: Links directly and comprehensively to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

Work confidently with music for babies and their families. Download and start planning today.

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What you gain from this Training Module


Singing traditional play songs to babies and providing sensory stimulation games are exciting ways to add a highly interactive segment to your regular music session. Sensory games and play song activities develop musical skills in listening, moving in time, singing and improvising. But when we dig deeper we find that baby sensory songs are beneficial in at least seven ways.


This resource will convince you that singing is the natural communication mode of babyhood.


Here’s what the research tells us about the main benefits: singing is better than speech at helping babies develop self-regulation. Babies listened to singing for roughly twice as long as speech before pulling a “cry face” and that surprised the researchers.


Learn from three respected researchers about what happens when you put infants in a dimly-lit room with no stimulation except the sound of an unknown woman singing a play song in a foreign language. Observers hidden from view judged when the babies first started to look like they were about to cry.

What you get in your purchase


The module package contains 3 items: a training paper, a songbook and 20 music tracks.

1. PDF Download Document – Training Paper Module 5

The training paper has five sections plus references, and suggests trusted places to find out more

  1. Benefits of sensory games and play songs for babies
  2. Ways to use a variety of play songs to engage and delight babies and delay distress
  3. Musical culture — the prevalence of play songs
  4. Learning through sensory play
  5. Research about how singing delays the onset of infant distress
      • References and Organisations
      • Featured Research Institutes
      • Appendix A: Features of ID speech to infants

2. PDF Download Document – Songbook: Sensory Games and Songs

The songbook contains appealing play songs with lyrics, scores, and sensory activities to suit babies along with suggestions for engaging with other adults in the group. Use this practical resource to devise your own music program.

3. MP3s Downloadable Digital Album

Your digital album contains 20 tracks including both vocal and backing track/karoake versions of all the songs in the songbook.

Listen to one of the songs from the downloadable digital album


Here’s a sample of the vocal track for Two Little Eyes:

And here’s a sample of the backing track for Two Little Eyes so you can sing to the babies:

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