ZERO Music for Babies 0-13 Months


Guide to the Series: ZERO — Music for Babies 0-13 Months

  • TOPIC:This Guide is an introduction to give you a taste of what’s inside the 6 Modules so that you can find your way around the learning materials
  • MODE: Downloadable, self-paced, research-based early childhood music teacher training
  • AUDIENCE: early childhood educator; music teacher; parent / grandparent of baby/babies; music student; teaching student; musician; director of early learning and care centre; librarian; and others . . .
  • LEVEL: Although you are welcome to download this Guide, if you wish to practice in this field, please be aware that this training is best suited to teachers and educators who already have an initial qualification or professional experience in either early childhood or music. You may also need to seek professional qualifications, legal checks and licenses according to the laws in your state or territory to start teaching baby music.
  • RESOURCES: Package includes PDF Training Paper Guide, PDF Sample Song Book and MP3 Music Tracks (both backing tracks and vocals)
  • LICENSE: This download package is for the use of one individual. If you wish to use it for training a group of staff, please email stating the group size. We will give you a discount coupon you can use for your group. The more people the greater the discount. Certification is available on request.
  • COMPLIANCE: Links directly and comprehensively to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • COMPLETION TIME: Reading Time 30-60 minutes. Listening Time 5 minutes
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee


What will you get out of completing this Series?

You will gain a deep understanding of


  • the importance of music in the lives of babies for their emotional regulation, social interactions and general wellbeing
  • evidence of how different kinds of music and musical experiences contribute very particular benefits to babies
  • influential and pioneering voices in the research field that you can follow as you develop your career
  • many ways to frame and talk about the different benefits and link them to the early years learning framework
  • the central role of music in personal and cultural identity
  • musical development, learning and self-expression in the first 13 months of life after birth
  • learning through play with music, movement and drama
  • music as communication and the intimate relationship between music and language, song and speech
  • ‘ways in’ to designing your own music program so that you can run baby music classes or sessions in your centre or home


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