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With our music classes for toddlers & kids programs running in your Private Studio or Academy, including lesson plans & music downloads for pre-k, preschoolers or kindergarten kids, you will definitely attract more clients & students. By offering quality music lessons for preschoolers and thereby adding value to your client’s experience, you will increase your income and enhance your profile in the community.

If you have a Private Studio & you’ve thought about writing your own preschool curriculum, you’ll know just how many hundreds of hours of work is involved. Having said this, as the global music learning & teaching environment evolves, setting up classes in Private Studios appeals to so many more people & educators now. Offering private music classes applies especially now that the ability to run Home Day Care & Preschool Childcare Facilities has become more popular.

However ask yourself this question. Do you want to run an outstanding Private Studio with world-renowned quality early learning music classes for the children you educate? If this is the case and you wish to make your life easier and do a fantastic job, as well as increase your business, then our Preschool music curriculum is perfect for you.

Furthermore You may be a dedicated Preschool Music teacher or Pre-K care Director with room on your premises for a private studio and wish to run music classes for toddlers or preschoolers from there.

We guarantee you will not only love our curriculum but you will actually be benefiting the babies, toddlers, Pre-k children or kindergarten kids with these classes & having a lot of fun at the same time!

Here you’ll find a better way to deliver your music programs with fresh songs and great activities delivered to your desktop, ready for when you need them at the push of a button.

Download our Free Trial Today & See how easy we have made this for you!

Preschool & Toddler Program Sample Activity!

Watch this short video of an engaging song for toddlers ‘A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea’.  We’ve changed ‘sea’  to ‘knee’ so we can play some games – ‘tap your knee knee knee’, ‘play your bells on your knee, knee, knee,’ Children love the activities because the music programs we design are always just right for their age!

A high quality early learning music program needs to be based on the right songs and the right activities. Download our free resource and see how we help you handle that!

Music Classes for Toddlers preschoolers pre-k & babies
Toddler programs for preschoolers

What do other Studio Music Teachers say?

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 

Thanks for publishing a well-structured lesson plans with clear explanation. I’m going to use it for my new music centre’s main course — English Music Foundation Course

Chuang Kuen Kuen Melody

Director, Music Rings Children's Music Education Causeway Bay Hong Kong

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Cessnock, New South Wales, Australia 

Thank you for creating this curriculum – I searched long and hard to find something of this quality, and would have ended up spending a very long time writing one myself if I hadn’t found yours!

Hope Valley Church has recently launched Hope Valley Creative Academy, a not-for-profit educational organisation offering tuition and classes in a number of areas to the Cessnock community. I have a BA in Linguistics and an M Teach (Primary) and will be teaching the Musical Child curriculum to groups of parents and children. The curriculum looks fantastic, and as far as I am aware it is the first of its kind to be offered in the area. The Academy hopes to enrich the cultural, arts and educational opportunities available to the Cessnock community and I think the Musical Child program will be an excellent part of this!

Kate Field

Director, Hope Valley Creative Academy NSW Australia