Music and Movement Activities For Preschoolers in Your Centre

Make your Centre stand out in the district with music and movement activities for preschoolers by Musical Child integrated into your daily schedule. Attract more families, increase your income and enhance your profile in the area by offering a high quality early learning music program. If you and your staff are finding it difficult to know what just to do to develop a practical, down-to-earth music program, you’ll be relieved to discover this affordable curriculum solution.

If it’s a traditional song for little kids, it’s more than likely to be in this curriculum.

Watch One of Our Programs For Music & Movement Activities for Preschoolers & See For Yourself

Watch this short video that explains and demonstrates our program called ‘Sing and Play”.  It guides our delivery of music lessons for preschoolers aged 3-5. You can see for yourself how much the children love the music and movement activities for preschoolers because they are just right for their age.

A high quality early learning music program needs to be based on the right songs and the right activities.  Watch and see how we handle that!

What you’ll gain by using these Programs for Music and Movement Activities For Preschoolers in Your Centre

Music and Movement Activities For Preschoolers
musical movements for toddlers
movement songs for kindergarten
creative movement activities for preschoolers

What do other Movement & Music Early Learning Center Owners say?

Canada,     U.S.,    China 

I really appreciate the Musical Child curriculum because it connects the emotional part of the brain with the logical part. I also appreciate that it uses well-known songs and lyrics. The other important feature is the story-telling part of your music curriculum.

August 2015

Dr. Dan Yang

Founder, Vinci Education - Los Angeles California; Ottawa Canada; Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang China.

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“Sing and Play 1 Preschool Music Program”

“Bounce and Sing 1 Toddler Music Program”

Cantabria, Spain   

I’m from Spain, I run my own business, a Nursery School where we teach English through Music and movement. I love your Lessons Plans because they are easy to follow and they organise my time!! I usually teach vocabulary with your songs, we are about to start In My Boat but up to now, children have learnt a lot!  Thanks for your Lessons!!

I use your lesson plans with my group of moms and babies, They are from 9 months to 4 years old. I think they are very useful. I miss extra/complementary material to teach (in my case) vocabulary (flashcards, story cards for the nursery rhymes for example) but it´s an excellent material and I love it.

February 2014

Maria Prieto Martin

Director, Causeway Academy - Cantabria, Spain