Sing and Play 2 Preschool Music Program

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Here is the second in the series of fully prepared half-semester preschool programs from Musical Child.  It includes a set of easy to use lesson plans complete with all the music and lyric charts you need. Increase your competency in preschool music, simply download and start using this program today!

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Sing and Play 2 Preschool Music Program

Now that you’ve gained experience by working with Sing and Play 1, you need some new songs and tried-and-true music activities to engage your adventurous preschoolers. Sing and Play 2 Preschool Music Program gives you another set of easy to use lesson plans, complete with all the music you need. Now that you are up to your second program you can relax and really enjoy teaching preschool music. Simply download and start using this new program today!

What you’ll gain by using this teaching resource

  1. Happy and responsive preschoolers aged 3-5 who develop their cognitive skills by thinking about the stimulating new content you introduce; confident children playfully solving musical problems such as making sound from all kinds of sound sources; keeping up with the beat and complex rhythms; improvising and creating their own music; and learning to combine the skills of moving, singing and playing.
  2. A wonderful, flexible series of music sessions specifically designed to engage busy preschoolers; lessons that are action-packed with movement and music as the main ingredients and yet brimful of language learning opportunities.
  3. A delightful way to monitor and assess children’s physical development over 10 or more weeks as they handle the instruments, move their small muscles to the beat and move their whole body through space in time with the music.
  4. Socially competent preschoolers who increasingly demonstrate how they can regulate their emotions –  a skill critical for self-understanding, getting along with others and essential for metacognition or  “learning to learn.”
  5. Enormous benefits in language development from listening to and learning the songs; the children become better listeners because they regularly tune into the rhythm of the words in the new songs, learn new vocabulary and practise speech patterns.
  6. You feel confident teaching your group because the program is well-designed by a music education expert; the lessons are prepared for you so that you are able to successfully lead the children and if something does go wrong, you have other activities and lessons ready so you can engage the children in completely new fun things to do week after week.
  7. You save hundreds of hours of weekend and evening program planning time – you won’t have to figure out the learning opportunities, look up new songs, find the music, think up activities appropriate for the age, work out a topic that brings everything together – it’s all done for you covering 10 or more weeks in one whole program.

What you get in your purchase

An instantly downloadable zip file containing 2 pdfs and multiple mp3s

  • A complete Educator’s Book (pdf 104 pages) and a complete set of lyric charts printable (pdf 56 pages) – ready to read on screen or to print (Biddiss, Carol. 2009 Sing and Play 2: Singing In My Heart Educator’s Book, Musical Child: Adelaide.)  The book gives you valuable information about how to set up and run your own music program that satisfies international curriculum frameworks. It also gives you an easy, one-glance Lesson Overview to the five fully prepared lesson plans – Part 6 My Body; Part 7. Shoo Fly Shoo!; Part 8. In My Heart; Part 9. Be Kind to Animals; and Part 10. Candle Burning Bright. You also get an index of first lines so you can quickly look up any song. And you get a list of references and a glossary of musical terms.
  • 5 digital music albums with numbered sets of mp3s so you can always find the songs you need quickly – ready to sync to your tablet (Part 6 My Body; Part 7. Shoo Fly Shoo!; Part 8. In My Heart; Part 9. Be Kind to Animals; and Part 10. Candle Burning Bright). You get 44 karaoke tracks to back you up singing “live” and you also get all the matching vocal tracks so you can learn all the songs just the way you like you learn – by ear. You can use these vocal tracks if you ever experience any difficulty singing. You also get all the lyrics on charts (pdf 56 pages)- ready to read on screen or to print. Display them in your room so that any adults can sing along with you – or if parents visit your classroom, they can see what the children have been learning.
  • In each lesson’s learning outcomes, you can see the benefits of early learning through music and there’s a specific section telling you what new learning the children might achieve in their language and speech. Across the series of lessons you see the musical concepts learned, simple scores with chords and suggestions for Classical music to play for cultural enrichment.
  • The whole program will last for a half a semester because each lesson plan gives you enough material for 2-3 weeks – there’s so much variety and change of pace that this program can work in many ways. And when you know the songs you can sing them whenever you like throughout the year!
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