Music for 4-Year-Olds— All Together Now! Educator’s Notes

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✅  From the Series AGE FOUR

✅  Educator’s Notes

✅  Instant Download

✅  Program Plan for One Month

✅  Use in Your Preschool Music Program with the Digital Album ‘All Together Now!’

Engaging songs with instrument and movement activities to encourage children to play with music. Contains 5 different song titles including the songs, Dr Knickerbocker and Ten in the Bed

Simply download to your computer where you can share on screen in your lesson or print for easy access and adding your own notes

Use this music in your Preschool Music classes for parents, in the Kindergarten Room at your Centre, or at home for family music-making

Add to your Preschool Music Resource collection — Buy now!

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All Together Now!

Educator’s Notes – All Together Now – AGE FOUR

Looking for music for 4-year-olds? ‘All Together Now Educator’s notes contains a set of songs and activities that makes everyone light up with joy from within. Use ‘All Together Now!’ to scaffold your practice as you guide your group through a month of meaningful musical experiences.

What You Receive

Instantly downloadable zip file containing a 41 page PDF Booklet.

In your Booklet you get a month-long unit plan. The extensive notes and delightful photos teach you 10 activities that you lead with your group. The weekly variations deepen the learning and enjoyment as the month progresses. The learning outcomes are written in plain English ready for you to share with parents/carers. The children and parents/carers learn and enjoy 5 preschool songs each with a different focus, as well as the regular Hello and Goodbye Songs.

RETURNING CUSTOMER NOTE: If you have purchased our legacy products, Sing and Play 1, 2, and 3, you already have the music for this resource in your collection. For this reason, the music is sold separately — see the Digital Album All Together Now! 

Direct the parents/carers in your groups to buy the album so they can download the songs to their home computer and sing them at their leisure.

Which 10 Activities?

  1. a greeting song
  2. a finger play,
  3. a rhythm instrument song and game
  4. a melody instrument song and game
  5. a circle dance
  6. a story song
  7. a farewell song

There are 3 other activities where you and the families contribute your own creative choices. This increases pleasure and  commitment and makes strong community connections. You’ll be thrilled with this new style of programming. Not only will you share your own ideas, you’ll also learn new songs, new dance moves and surprising things about the families in your practice!

How long? It depends …

This is a flexible music and movement plan for preschoolers. If you are offering parent and child sessions, music for four-year-olds, you can run it for 45-60 minutes once a week for 4 weeks with the variations.

If you are in an early-learning setting, programming music-for-four-year-olds, you can split it up into 5, 10, or even 15-30 minute short segments over several days throughout the week.

There’s so much variety and change of pace that it can work in many ways. And once the participants—children and adults—know the songs, they can sing them whenever they feel like it!

Technology Play

After you introduce the songs, leave the vocal and backing tracks handy on a media player so that your four-year-olds have access to music as as they play by themselves or with other children over the course of the month. That way they can learn, remember and enjoy the sounds of the music by singing along with the vocalist, or perform karaoke-style with the backing track. This new way of music programming leads to technology-rich musical experiences for your groups using any devices you have for recording, playback and sharing.

Start planning your month of musical experiences ‘All Together Now!’ for 4-year-olds today. 

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