teaching tips

Here are five teaching tips to literally put into the tips of your fingers so you and your kids will have fun during music activities for preschoolers.

After my mini-lecture two days ago, I decided to post something about music activities for preschoolers that’s quick and easy – just teaching tips really.  This is to remind us all to not take ourselves too seriously when working with little kids.

Thumbkin – remember to have a good intention or a “will to succeed” before you sit down for music time with your kids. To get them on your frequency, try singing Hello to each one by name.  They will be squirming to have a turn – Hello Song.

Pointer – remember that it’s OK to engage in direct teaching as long as you don’t do it all the time.  So you can tell them, “This is how we do the actions.  I’ll do it, now you show me.” Try a body percussion – Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Pop.

Tallman – remember to get up and stretch, wriggle, jump around for a few breaths, music lessons aren’t just about sitting on the floor concentrating the mind.  Music works in the the whole body so don’t be afraid to stretch out and move.  Try a dance or drama game – Dog Jumps through the Window.

Ringman – remember to touch the sensitive soul of the child with poignant melodies, soft lullabies and beautiful orchestral or instrumental music.  Try a relaxation with gentle music – Tafta Hindi.

Baby/pinkie – remember that preschoolers are not officially “in school” and they need to be treated with tender loving care. If the lesson or session isn’t working to your satisfaction, maybe it’s you that needs to change because in many ways they still need lots of leeway and understanding.  Maybe it would be good to have more playtime today – so instead of struggling on with a full music lesson, sing a quick story such as Sing a Song of Sixpence followed by a Goodbye Song and let them run outside.

So I hope you enjoy my quick teaching tips about running music activities for preschoolers.  To see complete music lessons that worked for us click here.