Seb's rainbow of instruments

I just love it when children take my ideas and extend them into realms I wouldn’t have imagined.  I was teaching my preschool group of all boys a rhythm instrument song called Sends a Rainbow and I merely mentioned the idea of choosing some scarves to make a colourful playing space for the instruments.  Three year-old Seb, who has an older sister “into art” and a mum who decribes herself as “consultant to Eve and Seb”, chose exactly the right shades to make the seven-part spectrum and then started colour-matching instruments to go onto each scarf.  You can see in the picture he has matched the blue sleigh bells to the blue scarf and even matched the golden-coloured brass finger cymbals to the yellow scarf.  He has a green shaker-egg in his hand which he later puts onto the green scarf.

The following week, Seb’s mum brought in a wooden rainbow toy puzzle that was a favourite plaything with both of her kids.

There is always room in my “lessons” for a child or a group of children to take the activity into another direction through their inventiveness.  That’s why I often run over time – we are too busy playing to watch the clock.

Music, there’s nothing quite like it!