full music curriculum

Would you like enough pre-school music lessons for the whole year?


We’re so pleased to be able to announce that our year-long full music curriculum is now available online. Yes, we’ve typed and recorded until our ears and eyes went squinty to bring you Sing and Play in all it’s glory – a full year’s worth of musical activities for 3-5 year olds all programmed in two-three week blocks. You’ll find all four half-semester programs lesson plan in our shop starting with Sing and Play 1.

You can test the water and save yourself valuable preparation time by buying just one whole lesson plan.  Or you can email us and ask for a FREE lesson plan to try before you buy.

Purchase all four Preschool Music Programs to set yourself up with a full music curriculum that lasts you for years.  There are no ongoing license fees and you retain all the flexibility you need to change the program to suit you and your children.

For the preschool age, there are four half-semester courses in the full music curriculum:

Sing and Play 1: Singing All Day Long – Lesson Plans 1-5

The lesson plans Titles are: “Beautiful Farm”; “Cooks in the Kitchen”; “Surprise! Surprise!”; “Over the Sea”; and “Holiday Fun.”

Sing and Play 2: Singing in My Heart – Lesson Plans 6-10

My Body; Shoo Fly Shoo!; In My Heart; Be Kind to Animals; Candle Burning Bright

Sing and Play 3: Singing Just for Fun – Lesson Plans 11-15

New Games to Play; Uh-oh!; Birds and Animals; Fun and Adventure; Are You Sleeping?

Sing and Play 4: Singing to the Sky – Lesson Plans 16-20

All Kinds of Animals; Brave and Clever; On the Move; Christmas is Coming; Christmas is Here

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