good music lesson

Whether you are running a short session for 15 minutes or a full-blown music lesson for 45 minutes you need to consider these crucial guidelines for a good music lesson:


before you can have a good music lesson you need a good plan – written lesson plans work because they make you ‘think ahead’ about the resources, equipment, spaces and timings you will need for smooth running of your session/lesson


having fantastic recorded music playing during your music sessions/lessons adds a dimension rarely available in real life i.e. live musicians playing multiple instruments and turns it from an ad hoc music lesson into a good music lesson


you need a variety of activities – some activities work while children are comfortably seated, some use equipment such as musical instruments, some promote mimicry of your actions, some stimulate whole body movement and dancing and some are designed for viewing illustrations – to name just a few


if the children can predict ‘what’s next’ they become powerful agents in their own learning so some kind of repeatable structure or pattern of activities is beneficial – and make sure you do it the same every week for 4-5 weeks because that’s when the habit of mind really kicks in


being prepared by having all resources to hand in order of appearance is essential for keeping a good flow to your music session/lesson and if things go a little wrong, you can slide into the next game or activity without too much stress

Teaching aids

great props, instruments, books and illustrations- these help to focus the children’s attention and allow you to repeat songs one or more times to aid memorisation – you can even have a special secret box for your next amazing prop!


more than musical talent, a love of music and a love of children will lead to success

 Where to now?

You can put together these Preschool Music Lesson Plans from the activities available on our website, or you work with Toddlers, click here.  We supply all the backup you need to give a good music lesson week after week.