Hip hop preschool

Want to liven up your preschool music lesson? Try a hip hop activity.

Here’s a loop-based track and “homie” activity we do to keep our hip hop preschool kids on their toes.  (Bonus points – it’s also great for rhyming and remembering which number comes next in the sequence just so’s you know it’s educational!)  

The adults in the room perk up considerably when they hear the opening rhythms and the children look at each other as though to say “This is going to be good” as soon as they register the dramatic sound effect of breaking glass.  The best sign of all that it’s going to keep their interest is that people of all ages start moving.

You don’t have to feel like you’re a great singer to perform this to your kids.  You can rap it so don’t be afraid to get into the “down-home” mood and enjoy yourself. And your parents will love it when they hear you were a hip hop preschool today.

When Billy Boy Was One is a body percussion activity designed to engage, balance and centre the children at the start of a music lesson. It’s quite slow in tempo so children with special needs will be able to participate successfully.

There are changing actions for each verse but at the chorus, the arms fold across the body, fingertips touching the shoulders on the lyric “Cross” and then unfold and touch the knees on the lyric “down”. This engages the left and right sides of the brain, left hand to right shoulder and vice versa.  

The other action that crosses the mid-line is the hand-clapping because each palm comes in contact with the other — both hands are stimulated, both sides of the brain are activated in a constant pulse. Clapping is simple but wonderful and we all know it’s an age-old human pleasure.

By the way, when you hear the “kapa-kapow!” sound  effect at the beginning and end of the track, strike a pose like a rapper. They’ll love it and some kids will want to show you their special moves. If you like the idea of adding a purpose-written hip hop song to your curriculum you can buy it from our online webstore. It’s in our Lesson Plan called In My Heart. You can download and use it immediately with your kids. It’s sure to become a favorite and then you can share this post with your friends.

Have a look at this Lesson Plan all about emotions now — In My Heart.

Here’s short sample for you to hear. When Billy Boy Was One Preview

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