daycareWhat do you do when you’ve been given the job of planning the music sessions for the babies and toddlers in your daycare centre? Panic, right!

Next step is to ask people around you for advice and they’ll say search online, so you do that and find it’s a maze!

Here’s a way to get your head around it by searching for 12 different activities.  It’s the lesson plan we use to run lessons or sessions when we go into a daycare centre.

The links will take you to the Musical Child resources or you can search specifically for other activities using the underlined terms and get out of the maze.

  1. Sing a “hello song” naming each child. It fulfills the social convention of greeting everyone for the day.
  2. Sing something with a bit of bounce and excitement to get them jigging on their bottoms.
  3. Do action songs that are games and tickles to stimulate the touch sensory pathways.
  4. Hand out or let them come and get an instrument e.g. sleigh bells to play while you repeat a song three times.  Make sure you put out only one kind of instrument, otherwise you overload their hearing.
  5. Clear the instruments while you sing a Pack Away Song, another social convention of clearing up before doing something new.
  6. Give out another different instrument, such as rhythm sticks and sing a song with a strong rhythm while experimenting with ways to play the instrument.
  7. Switch to whole body movement, we always use a horsie song at this point to encourage strong loco-motor activity and dramatic play.
  8. A circle dance is beneficial and fun if you have enough adults to keep it together.
  9. Following you is one of the ways they learn so perform whole body actions to a mimcry song and encourage them to copy.
  10. A short rest is good after all that activity so lullabies work well at this juncture.
  11. Now they are calm it’s a good time to use books to tell stories. We recommend nursery rhymes with tunes as a great way to finish a music session.  We always do two nursery rhymes and sing them at least twice each.
  12. We always sing a Goodbye Song to let the children know music time is over. Then it’s time for hugs!

So that’s it, 12 activities to make up a long music session. You can do them all or select a few and run several short sessions throughout the week. Be sure to come back and leave a reply below. We’d love to hear from you.

Remember, there’s nothing quite like music!