bs-1-boy-castanets-hard-cut-outWelcome to all of you who love teaching music to young children in Africa.

I have been surprised and delighted by the growing number of educators in Namibia and South Africa who have discovered and embraced the Musical Child curriculum in recent months.  I must thank those of you who network and disperse information so generously by word of mouth and through newsletters.

It is incredibly humbling to have our resources  valued in the cradle of human culture where music is in the very blood.  Years ago in the 90s, when I was working as an academic in the University of South Australia, an opportunity arose to write curriculum materials for the South African schooling system.  I refused to write a word, removed as I was from the people for whom it was intended, people who lived and sang and danced in the very heartland of World Music.  Ironically now I find that our songs and activities strike a chord.  I feel truly blessed.

I hope that this trend continues and that those of you who belong to professional associations are able to share your experiences and make sure that all of the naturally musical children in your care are nourished artistically throughout their early childhood. Please feel free to use the comment box below to let everyone know how you run your music sessions.

Several years ago when we were selling our large printed kits, we sent some to a kindergarten teacher in Pretoria.  That proved costly because they were over 2 kilos in weight. Now we are able to sell directly off the website  and provide a much more timely delivery without all the postage expenses and waiting time.  Email me on the Contact form with any inquiries as to how it works.  Or click Music Programs to see the whole range.