Toddler music benefits language development

by | Jul 18, 2012 | 1-3 year-old, Nursery rhymes, speech and language development

How toddler music benefits language development

The standout story this week in our toddler music class is about Charlie of sixteen months who spent most of the session careening around the room on the move. Sometimes toddlers simply have the wind in their sails and can’t sit still even for two minutes.

However, when it came to the final two songs for the day, our nursery rhyme time with picture book, he stood stock still mere inches from my face and watched my mouth as I sang Little Bo Peep. I always sing the nursery rhymes twice through and he did it again for the repeat, really watching intently. I made sure I was articulating well to give him plenty to think about because he was clearly fascinated by the language and the meaning.

I’m hoping that when he does eventually string words together, they come out in a beautiful rhythm. By studying me and the way I used language at his toddler music session he was learning prosody which is mainly the rhythm of the words but also the stresses, intonation and rate of delivery. Chances are he will become an expressive conversationalist which will increase his sociability.

This is just one of the ways that toddler music benefits language development in the young child. Stay tuned for more reasons and add your own ideas to this blog in the comments.

There’s nothing quite like music, especially music chosen specifically for toddlers.

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